News and Notes: General Assembly Races

What's going on:

OH Sen-2 - As noted by Lisa Renee, the Toledo Blade has a story on Sylvia Washburn (D-Maumee) dropping out of the race. Washburn attributes it to family considerations, noting that her mother died recently. I don't know who is under consideration to replace Washburn on the ballot, but I'm told that former Bowling Green School Board member and 2004 Democratic National Convention delegate John Hartman (D-Bowling Green) would consider running. He ran against former Attorney General Betty Montgomery (R-Perrysburg) for this seat in 1992.

OH House-01 - State Rep. Linda Bolon (D-East Palestine) announced yesterday that the State Library of Ohio Board has approved a $20,110 grant to the Carnegie Public Library of East Liverpool to establish a “Ready to Read” initiative in the community. “This is an important initiative,” said Rep. Bolon. “Reading early and often to children equips them with the necessary skills needed to succeed as learners.”

OH House-10 - State Rep. Eugene Miller (D-Cleveland) introduced legislation last week to protect municipal water revenue by limiting who can purchase water meter keys, which some customers use to turn their water back on after it has been shut off for non-payment. “In Cleveland alone, this practice is costing the city thousands of dollars,” Rep. Miller said. “We need to make sure that people are not skirting the law at the expense of their neighbors..”

OH House-15 - State Rep. Tim DeGeeter (D-Parma) has his campaign kickoff event on Thursday evening (4/10) at 5:00 p.m. at the Blue Moose Tavern & Eatery, 5513 Pearl Road in Parma.

OH House-39 - Saying that "Ohio has allowed charter schools to operate without proper oversight or accountability for far too long," State Rep. Clayton Luckie (D-Dayton) objected yesterday to the opening of a new charter school in Dayton to be run by Imagine Schools, Inc., and called for "a true moratorium on new charter schools so we can repair what’s broken in our school systems." Imagine Schools operates two charter schools in Columbus, Great Western Academy and Academy of Columbus, which are on Academic Watch and Academic Emergency, respectively. "Public schools struggle to meet rising benchmarks while getting robbed of necessary funds that instead filter to under-regulated charter schools," Rep. Luckie said. "We have heard report after report of low test scores, misuse of public funds and for-profit companies lining their pockets with education dollars. Enough is enough."

OH House-46 - Darlene Dunn (D-Sylvania Twp) is having a fundraiser on Saturday, April 19th that sounds like a lot of fun -- a luncheon and tea in two sittings at Clara J's Tea Room, 219 West Wayne Street in Maumee.

OH House-48 - State Rep. Edna Brown (D-Toledo), whom I enjoyed getting to know a little bit at the Take Back America 2008 conference in Washington last month, is having a Birthday Celebration event on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. at the Park Lane Hotel, 142 23rd St. (Collingwood & Jefferson) in Toledo.

OH House-91 - State Rep. Dan Dodd (D-Hebron) joined with Treasurer Richard Cordray (D-Grove City), State Sen. John Carey (R-Wellston), and State Rep. Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) today to announce the introduction of legislation to create SaveNOW, a program designed to tie personal savings to financial education. “Economically, we live in safe but definitely uncertain times,” Rep. Dodd said. “Families should have a financial anchor, and too many of them don’t. SaveNOW will tie financial education and protection into an incentive for first-time savers to develop the life-long habit of saving money.”

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

Items in the news about Ohio's races for the U.S. House:

OH-02 - The DCCC may not have put challenger Dr. Victoria Wulsin (D-Indian Hill) into their Red-to-Blue program yet, but this CQ Politics story confirms that the NRCC understands that Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland) is vulnerable -- she is one of ten GOP candidates (mostly incumbents) added to their "Regain Our Majority Program." The story describes the ten as "candidates who are in difficult races and in need of extra campaign cash." *** Independent candidate David Krikorian (I-Madeira) has been certified.

OH-03 - Jane Mitakides (D-Washington Twp) has announced two appearances for next week. On Tuesday (4/15) at 5:30 p.m. she will attend the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance Reception (call 614-888-4868 for more information), and on Friday (4/18) at 7:00 p.m. she wil speak at the Federated Democratic Women of Ohio Spring Convention in Toledo (contact FDWC President Eileen Krupinski at 740-264-3633).

OH-13 - Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Copley Twp) didn't waste any time attacking the Colombia Free Trade Agreement that Bush sent to Congress yesterday -- her blistering reaction arrived in my mailbox just a couple of hours later:

It makes no sense to push an FTA with a country that seems to ignore the continued blatant violations of basic human rights. How can a trade agreement be beneficial when the workers in one of the countries involved lack basic labor rights and are punished and often killed for their involvement in union activities? We should not even be considering a trade agreement with Colombia until this horrific violence ends and those responsible for the murder of thousands are brought to justice.

OH-15 - The Wall Street Journal discusses State Sen. Steve Stivers (R-Upper Arlington) today in an article about GOP candidates who are Iraq veterans, but the author points out that the results in Ohio's presidential primary don't bode well for him and his unflinching support for McCain on the war:

[Stivers] won the March 4 primary with 66% of the vote, but his prospects in November are dicey. Sen. Barack Obama, who has trumpeted his antiwar record, carried the counties that compose most of Mr. Stivers's district, including the Columbus suburbs, where Sen. Obama beat Sen. Hillary Clinton by 14 points. The district is also home to the main campus of Ohio State University, where a Republican candidate's call to "complete the mission" in Iraq is more likely to drive turnout for the Democrats than for Mr. Stivers.

*** Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus) is one of six candidates endorsed so far by Yale University-based SNAP PAC (it stands for Students for a New American Politics). The group provides "fellowships for students, especially those facing financial hardships, to work on progressive campaigns."

OH-16 - Stuart Rothenberg has a new "Dangerous Dozen Open House Seats List" out, and OH-16 is ranked third most likely to flip:

State Sen. John Boccieri should be a strong Democratic nominee, while the Republican nominee, state Sen. Kirk Schuring, may have problems holding his party’'s base.

OH-18 Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) has been pushing for hearings on the immigration enforcement bill he is co-sponsoring, the Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement ("SAVE") Act of 2007, and according to a press release issued today his wish has been granted. *** Space's appearance at the new ABC Manufacturing Facility yesterday got glowing coverage from WHIZ in Zanesville:

In addition to the jobs at ABC, forty hires have already been made through the purchase of Malta Glass Company. Congressman Space says it's just the first of many brighter days ahead for everyone in the community.

"It's not just the employees that work here and their families, it's the grocer, the banker, the car dealer, the schools, the housing appreciation, it's a tremendous shot in the arm. It's all good, it's what we want to see much more of."

OH-14: LaTourette Refuses to Disavow Unfair Assault on O'Neill

Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Twp) is taking the low road again, with Lake County Republican Chairman Dale Fellows slinging the mud for him and LaTourette refusing to disavow it.

Fellows accused challenger Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) of "protecting murders, rapists and child pornographers" on a local cable show, focusing in particular on one appellate ruling in which O'Neill and another judge overturned a child pornography conviction. It so happens that I have read that decision (State v. Tooley, 2005-Ohio-6709, 2005 WL 3476649 (Ohio Ct. App. 11th Dist. Portage County 2005) and it is a straight-up first amendment ruling based on the statute's failure to distinguish computer-generated imagery (in which no real children are used) from actual child pornography -- it is settled law that the former is constitutionally protected while the latter is not. Of course, the all-Republican Ohio Supreme Court found a way to reverse (essentially finding an insufficient factual showing that computer-generated imagery can be indistinguishable from photographic imagery), but the appellate ruling was based on sound legal reasoning.

Mortgage Lenders Sign Non-Binding "Compacts" on Foreclosure Crisis

I'm not optimistic that this will do much good, ultimately.

After eleven mortgage lenders refused to sign agreements with the state by the deadline set last fall (November 8th), the state has continued to negotiate with them and now nine have signed agreements that they will "work with borrowers to modify those loans or at least notify borrowers several months in advance of when their loans will reset." Gov. Strickland hailed the agreements as "historic" and said they "will reduce foreclosures in Ohio and bring stability to the families and communities affected by this crisis."

However, the agreements are "non-binding" and the companies' obligations appear to be qualified, as least if the description in the press are accurate (the lenders will "try" to modify mortgages and make "good-faith efforts" to contact borrowers). The agreements appear to consist of generalized goals that the companies will decide how to implement.

I'll be interested to hear what Bill Callahan has to say about these compacts, but they seem too vague and watered-down to do much good, especially since many of these subprime mortgage lenders have previously proclaimed that they were assisting borrowers when in fact they were not. I think the state still needs to be investigating the causes of the mortage meltdown and taking appropriate legal action against the perpetrators, not relying on these non-binding agreements.

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

Read or heard:

OH-01 - The campaign of State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) has scheduled phone-banking for 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday (4/9) at Campaign HQ, 3741 Glenmore Avenue in Cheviot. Space is limited to please RSVP to Aryeh Alex at field-at-driehaus2008-dot-com or (513) 662-0205.

OH-03 - Jane Mitakides (D-Washington Twp) joined organized labor and the United Way today to form a human chain in order to unload a large shipment of food to the AFL/CIO Food Pantry in Dayton, which helps thousands of working families in the Miami Valley. The food pantry has been hit hard recently as a result of thousands of manufacturing jobs being lost in the Dayton area. “Under the leadership of George Bush and Mike Turner, we’ve lost 250,000 American jobs so far in 2008, on top of all we’ve already lost, especially here in Ohio,” said Mitakides in a press release. “In Congress, I will fight to renew our commitment to the middle class by punishing companies who ship our jobs overseas, not rewarding them, and by giving tax breaks to working families and small businesses.” *** Mitakides will attend the Opening Day Party for Dayton City Commissioner Matt Joseph from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. today at Democratic Headquarters, 131 S. Wilkinson St. in Dayton, and an Evening Reception for Recorder Willis Blackshear from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow at The Color of Energy Art Gallery at 16 Brown Street in the Oregon District (Behind Pacchia). Details on the Montgomery County Democratic Party web site.

OH-04 - Mike Carroll (D-Mansfield) has endorsed the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, joining Bill O'Neill, Jane Mitakides, and about fifty other Congressional challengers around the country.

OH-06 - There is an interesting piece about the Blue Dog Coalition in CQ Politics today. Once a splinter group with Southern populist roots, it now has strong ties to K Street, has raised more than any of the other House caucuses so far this year, and has a track record of successfully challenging House leadership on key legislation, especially as it affects business. Rep. Charlie Wilson (D-St.Clairsville) is a member, along with fellow Appalachian region first-termer Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover), and they each received $10,000 from the Blue Dog PAC last spring. In our interview, Jane Mitakides said she was comfortable with being described as a Blue Dog based on her fiscal conservatism, but there is no guarantee she could get in if she is elected. The article says that membership is capped at 47, and for that reason Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-KS) was unable to join.

OH-11 - The Plain Dealer reports that the Lewis Engineers and Scientists Ass'n, which is a union at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, is concerned because cancer has been diagnosed in about 40 of the 100 workers on the Developmental Engineering Building's third floor during the past three or four years. Contacted by the union, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) says he "takes the matter very seriously" and his staff will question Glenn officials and examine relevant documents.

OH-12 - David Robinson (D-Columbus) will hold a second campaign organizational meeting on Saturday (4/12) at 2:00 p.m. at the The Real Living University Training Center, 773 Brooksedge Plaza Drive in Westerville. His Campaign Corps is being organized into groups to work on for Finance, Grassroots, Media, Policy, etc. Robinson will give a briefing on the primary, the district, and plans for the general election. Details on the campaign site.

OH-16 - Blogger ohio06win at Ohio 15th District has a very good post today skewering State Sen. Steve Stivers (R-Upper Arlington), the bank lobbyist, over his role as a voting Executive Committee member of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, described by Ralph Nader on as a "cozy club" where "insurance lobbyists and the public officials they control meet without being bothered by the inefficiencies of democratic government."

OH-18 - Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) will be at the Grand Opening Ceremony for ABC Manufacturing, which he helped bring to the district, at 1:00 p.m. today (4/7) at 210 13th Street in Malta. The event is open to the public.

McCain Debates McCain on the Economy

This is worth a visit. It's the DNC's second installment of McCain vs. McCain on major issues facing the county. This time he argue with himself on the Bush tax cuts, whether we are in a recession, and whether he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the economy. Hilarious.

OH-14: O'Neill (D) Has Questions for Gen. Petraeus- Video

Challenger Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell), a Vietnam veteran and a supporter of the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, has some questions for Gen. David Petraeus when he testifies before Congress about conditions in Iraq:

I'd like to know where Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Twp) stands on Iraq now that the additional troops sent over for the surge aren't coming out on schedule and the situation on the ground is deteriorating, with the U.S. military getting drawn into the intra-Shia conflict between al-Maliki and al-Sadr. He's always tried to portray himself as a moderate, but he has consistently backed up the Bush administration on its endless war when push comes to shove.

UPDATE: A reader reminded me about LaTourette's comment last August that the Iraq war would be over by November:

“I think the war will be over [by the election],” LaTourette said. “We will see a drawdown in troops. [Bush] won’t leave office with this thing going on.”

Is that what he thinks now? If not, does he admit that the surge is NOT working?

AG Marc Dann to Speak on Predatory Lending Debacle in Cleveland 4/14

04/14/2008 - 4:00pm
04/14/2008 - 5:00pm

Attorney General Marc Dann to discuss "The Predatory
Lending Debacle, and What the State Is Doing to Stop It”
at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

April 14; 4:00 p.m.
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law
Moot Court Room

In recent years, Cleveland has had the dubious distinction of leading the country in the foreclosure epidemic that has spared few American cities. Within Cuyahoga County, Cleveland has been especially hard hit, as families on both sides of the Cuyahoga River have been forced to walk away from their homes. In Cleveland’s poorer neighborhoods, the sites of boarded-up and vandalized houses, crime and homelessness are on the rise. Shuttered homes line the streets of the older, inner-inner-ring suburbs as well.

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann will discuss the state’s foreclosure crisis in a free public lecture, “The Predatory Lending Debacle, and What the State Is Doing to Stop It," on April 14 at 4:00 p.m. at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on East 18th and Euclid Avenue. There will be an opportunity for members of the audience to question the Attorney General following his presentation, and a reception will follow the event.

Attorney General Dann is appearing as a guest of the law school’s Democratic Law Organization (D-LO).

Marc Dann, a former Ohio Democratic State Senator, was elected Ohio Attorney General in November 2006. In the office of Attorney General, he serves as an advocate of the people of Ohio and its institutions.

Since his inauguration in January 2007, he has been diligent in his efforts to protect homeowners from exploitation by unscrupulous mortgage lenders. During his years in the Ohio Senate, Mr. Dann played a critical role in the investigation of Coingate, the scandal surrounding the investment of $50 million by the Bureau of Workers Compensation in rare coins peddled by Tom Noe, a long-time Republican fundraiser.

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

Communiques from the campaign trail:

OH-04 - Here's a photo of Mike Carroll (D-Mansfield) on the campaign trail in Hancock County:

The picture is from the Ohio AFL/CIO Flickr account with this notation:
Mike Carroll, member of USW 169 in Mansfield and a lifelong resident of Richland County, is running against Jim Jordan in Ohio's fourth Congressional District. Republican Jim Jordan has a solid record of voting against the middle class.

Mike says he's running because his district hasn't had a working class representative who would put working families' interests at heart in a very long time. "For too long we've elected professional politicians who aren't in touch with regular people's issues," he said.

OH-15 - Blogger Ohio06Win notes today that Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus) has raised 68% of her contributions from individuals, while opponent State Sen. Steve Stivers has raised only 44% from individuals. Also noted recently is former bank lobbyist Stivers' increasingly isolated position in maintaining that Ohio should remain one of only two states in the country to exempt the mortgage industry from the Consumer Sales Practices Act. *** This article in The Other Paper attributes Stivers' equivocation over S.B. 305, prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, to fear of the reaction by Christian conservatives:

In any other year, supporters would be confident about winning over Columbus’s Steve Stivers, one of the few Republicans to oppose the Defense of Marriage Bill in 2003.

But Stivers is in the middle of what promises to be a bruising campaign to replace his fellow Republican Deborah Pryce in Congress. Although Stivers’s opponent, Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy, has endorsed SB 303—and Pryce has cosponsored a similar bill in the U.S. House—Stivers has no desire to anger conservative Christians in the 15th Congressional District.

OH-16 - State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) is touring the Rolls-Royce Fuel Systems facility in North Canton with Gov. Ted Strickland (D) at 2:00 p.m. today. Lt Gov. Lee Fisher (D) recently announced that Roll-Royce, a specialist in fuel cell research and production, will get a $1 million Third Frontier grant. "Another 80,000 jobs were lost in March and the unemployment rates increased for the third straight month in a row," Boccieri commented in a statement. "For too long our area has witnessed the mass exodus of jobs firsthand. I applaud Governor Strickland's efforts to stimulate the Ohio economy by working with the business community to keep good paying jobs here. Companies like Rolls-Royce also deserve credit for seeking creative solutions to providing jobs and education for our workforce in Ohio."

OH-18 - Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) got some good press in the Zanesville Times Recorder for introducing a bill to combat regional variances in disability pay for veterans by requiring the VA to collect and monitor regional data on disability ratings, conduct reviews and audits of the rating system, submit an annual report to Congress, and assign identification codes to all rating adjudications. *** Just for fun, here is a zinger of a comment left by Fleetwood85, self-described as a moderate, on a short post praising challenger Fred Dailey (R-Mt Vernon) at

Zack Space will do and has done more in Congress than Fred Dailey could ever even conceive. Zack Space represents the ever-changing, youthful, energetic, hard-working face of today's congress. I grew up in Mount Vernon and even had Fred's wife Rita as my English teacher. The woman was neurotic and consumed with her daughter's wedding, often ignoring the needs and concerns of the teenagers she was supposed to teach. Also, Since when did serving as the Director of the Department of Agriculture position someone for a legislative seat in the United State House of Representatives? Fred's ideas will keep the 18th district down and out, not improve it. Keep the old guys with narrow minds and antiquated ideas OUT of congress.

OH-08: YDS Interview with Nick Von Stein

Continuing with the tradition of Yellow Dog Sammy interviews with exciting progressive candidates in Ohio, here is my interview with U.S. Air Force veteran, recent America Votes organizer, and political science graduate student Nick Von Stein (D-Mason), carrying the Democratic banner in the 8th Ohio Congressional District against the flawlessly suntanned House Minority Leader, Rep. John Boehner (R-West Chester).

YDS: So, talking to Nick Von Stein, who is the Democratic candidate in the 8th Ohio Congressional District. Nice to talk to you!

NVS: Sure, nice to talk to you too.

YDS: Can you talk for a bit about how you first became interested in politics.

NVS: That goes pretty far back! Probably one of the first things I remember about politics is that my mom bought me the picture book, "Life in Camelot." It depicts John and Jacqueline Kennedy and their family and a lot of their experiences. It had a pretty big impact on me. My mom was a big Kennedy fan and she was influenced by that era.

My dad - it's pretty funny, my parents are pretty much on opposite sides of the spectrum. My mom is a moderate Democrat, my father is fairly conservative, and also very opinionated as well. I remember I used to talk to him about who might run for president, and was he "fair tax" or "flat tax." He thought that Jack Kemp should run for president.

Politics always just stood out for me, and also I always felt that I had a call to do public service. It's kind of the reason that I joined the military, and why I'm seeking to do what I do.

YDS: Have you always identified yourself as a Democrat?

NVS: Yes. It was hard because, like I said, my parents were on opposite sides of the fence. But even when they had those student votes in high school I always voted for the Democrat.

I was in the military for four years. And that is a very different culture, it is fairly conservative. So it was hard, to be one of the only people, and to be constantly arguing with your supervisors about politics, and to be ganged up on.

OH House-46: Help Darlene Dunn Kick-Start Her Campaign

Today is the cut-off for the Post-Primary Election Campaign Finance Report for Ohio House candidates, and I have written previously about the importance of making donations to Democratic challengers and open seat candidates in key targeted races before midnight tonight. These candidates need to report positive numbers in order to generate momentum and set a benchmark for fundraising and other support as their campaigns go forward. And remember, you can take a credit of $50.00 ($100.00 for married couples filing jointly) on next year's state income tax return for donations that you make now, so it basically costs you nothing.

Attorney Darlene Dunn (D-Sylvania Twp) is another promising candidates in a key swing district who deserves our support. I published an introductory interview with Ms. Dunn in January after meeting her at RootsCamp, and recently described her race against newly appointed State Rep. Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) in my roundup of top races. She now has an online donation link and I encourage readers to join me in supporting her.

Ms. Dunn ran a competitive race for this seat previously and is committed to winning and helping to get the district's economy back on track, as she indicates in this message today:

It is imperative that we revitalize Ohio's economy. Our region traditionally had a primary concentration in manufacturing especially in automobile assembly and parts production. We have been hit hard with layoffs and plant closings. In Northwest Ohio we are attempting to reinvent our area as an emerging market for solar energy. Our area includes First Solar which is the world's largest producer of thin film solar panels and the University of Toledo's Clean and Alternative Energy Incubator. This is a start but I will work to bring jobs to our area by promoting wind power, specifically by manufacturing wind turbines in our area. The auto industry has left us a skilled workforce who with some retraining are able and wanting to work. We also have many closed plants and facilities ripe to reopen as "clean energy" plants.

Sen. Brown Tries to Salvage Some Good From Watered-Down Foreclosure Bill

All February the GOP filibustered efforts in the U.S. Senate to assist homeowners at risk. Now they've abandoned that tactic, but they've succeeded in negotiating concessions that resulted in the pending Dodd-Shelby substitute amendment. Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich derides this diluted measure as "something Herbert Hoover would have been proud of," principally because it "leaves out the most important things distressed homeowners need" – (1) changing bankruptcy law so borrowers have enough bargaining power to get refinanced, and (2) letting the Federal Housing Administration guarantee the refinanced loans if lenders reduce the amounts the borrowers owe to reflect the reduced home values.

In a press conference call yesterday, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) conceded that the bankruptcy provision now at risk is a critical piece of the puzzle as far as providing real relief to homeowners in danger. However, he is not letting this legislation slip through without at least trying to get something good out of it.

Today Sen. Brown's office announced that he has joined up with Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) to propose a change to the Dodd-Shelby amendment that would double the funding for mortgage counselors that assist borrowers at risk of losing their homes, from $100 million to $200 million. The need for this funding is demonstrated by the fate of $180 million for such counseling allocated by the the Omnibus Appropriations bill earlier this year:

Demand for counseling services was so high that NeighborWorks, the group charged with managing the funds, received applications for $340 million in grants to combat the foreclosure crisis in the two weeks applications were available. Of the funds approved by Congress, $130 million was awarded to counseling groups within sixty days of enactment. The remainder of the appropriation is being held by NeighborWorks as an emergency fund for the massive wave of foreclosures expected to hit this summer, which means they have no additional funds to award to communities struggling today. If Congress provides additional foreclosure prevention funding, NeighborWorks can award counselors with much needed funding now and also this summer, reaching hundreds of thousands of additional homeowners on the verge of foreclosure.

It isn't a huge improvement, but everything that can be done to deal with the avalanche of foreclosures across the country helps.

"Housing counseling can help thousands of families stuck in bad subprime loans," said Sen. Brown in the press release. "These are middle class families, and we need to help keep them in their homes. Housing counseling is proven, it works, and we need to fund it."

UPDATE: Bill Callahan has more, including a joint statement by concerned organizations objecting to the compromise bill, and linking Sen. George Voinovich's praise for the bad bill to campaign contributions he receives from banking and mortgage industry interests.

Ohio Independents Are Aligned with Democrats on the Issues

Carl Weiser wrote on Politics Extra today that Tuesday's Quinnipiac poll has interesting numbers on race (more Ohioans say that race helps Obama than say it hurts him), Bush's approval rating (only 27%), and Iraq (59% think it was the wrong thing to do).

Looking over the crosstabs in response to Weiser's post, the thing that strikes me is how consistently independents align with Democrats. Take a look at these responses:

Terrorism is the most important issue:
1% Dem
4% Ind
18% Rep

Going to war in Iraq was the wrong thing to do:
84% Dem
59% Ind
20% Rep

Want withdrawal or timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq:
90% Dem
70% Ind
35% Rep

It is government's responsibility to make sure everyone has adequate health-care:
83% Dem
60% Ind
33% Rep

Respondent's family is best described as falling behind or holding steady (i.e., not getting ahead):
89% Dem
87% Ind
72% Rep

Disapprove Bush's job performance:
92% Dem
72% Ind
27% Rep

It's like the independents are all undeclared Democrats.

This all appears to confirm that once again, if the election is about the issues then the Democrats must win. There are more independent voters than registered voters of either party, and they are strongly in agreement with Democrats. Looking at it another way, Democrats' views on vital issues like Iraq and health care are in fact mainstream views, and Republicans are the ones who are out of step.

Freedom of Choice Ohio Prevention First Lobby Day in Columbus 4/9

04/09/2008 - 9:30am
04/09/2008 - 4:30pm

On April 9, 2008 pro-choice Ohioans from around the state will gather in Columbus, Ohio for the third annual Freedom of Choice Ohio Prevention First Lobby Day. Participants will learn all about the Ohio Prevention First Act and other reproductive health legislation, and then join with others from their area to talk to their state legislators about this important legislation.
Details after the flip.

News and Notes: General Assembly Races

Items of interest in those critical state legislative races:

OH Sen-2 - Lisa Renee reports that school board member Sylvia Washburn (D-Maumee) has dropped out of this race and will be replaced on the ballot by someone yet to be determined. Washburn was recruited by then Ohio Senate Democratic Leader Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) after attorney Dan McGookey (D-Sandusky) declined to run. Paul notes that Washburn reported no campaign money in February's pre-primary campaign finance filing, while recently appointed State Sen. Mark Wagoner (R-Ottawa Hills) reported $31,700.53 cash on hand.

UPDATE: A replacement candidate would be selected by a vote of the chairpersons and secretaries of the four county Democratic Parties in the District (Lucas, Wood, Ottawa and Erie.) Since two other Ohio Senate Democratic candidates were described by Senator Fedor as being "placeholders" (her word) this might not be the last candidate to drop out.

OH House-02 - Nurse and attorney Jan Lanier (D-Westerville) reacted sharply to a recent move by the Delaware County Commission to restrict public comment at meetings. "Elected officials are supposed to serve the public, and part of that service entails listening to citizens’ concerns," she wrote on her campaign site. "Offering your attention to the emotional pleas of residents should be seen as the business of an elected official, not as an obstacle to conducting business. When officials lose sight of that fundamental principle, the result is a loss of public confidence and an erosion of trust in government." Opponent Kris Jordan (R-Dublin) is one of the county commissioners.

OH House-10 - The Statehouse visit and meeting with the Governor and other elected officials by 45 students from Cleveland's Iowa Maple Elementary School on Tuesday, organized by State Rep. Eugene Miller (D-Cleveland), was a big success. “We want to make sure that our young people have an understanding and appreciation for government and how it affects and improves their daily lives,” Rep. Miller said. “I hope that this program jumpstarts civil lessons in their classrooms so that they can be involved, well-educated citizens as they grow up.”

OH House-15 - Yesterday State Rep. Tim DeGeeter (D-Parma) and State Sen. Lance Mason (D-Cleveland) introduced a concurrent resolution urging Congress to reauthorize funding for the Federal DNA Backlog Grant program, which assists states and localities in reducing DNA case turnaround time and DNA forensic casework backlogs and increases the output of their DNA laboratories. “Developing a sustainable source of funding for existing DNA programs has been a significant concern in Ohio,” Rep. DeGeeter said. “I strongly encourage Congress to reauthorize this funding, which will go a long way to strengthen the criminal justice system.”

OH House-19 - State Rep. Bob Hagan will host a fundraiser for Marian Harris (D-Columbus) on Tuesday, April 15th, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Queen Bee Restaurant, 248 S. 4th Street in Columbus. Suggested contribution is $250. *** Harris has walking lit with the theme "Recipe for Ohio's Future," and it includes a favorite recipe of hers ("the best poppy seed cake ever").

OH House-25 - The State Government and Elections Committee yesterday unanimously passed a resolution co-sponsored by State Rep. Dan Stewart (D-Columbus) to require filing of petitions for ballot issues 125 days before the election instead 90 days, a measure intended to avoid a repeat of the costly fiasco involving an issue over rules governing adult businesses that was a late scratch last fall. “I’m pleased that my colleagues saw the importance of this legislation and approved it today,” said Rep. Stewart, who is the ranking Democrat on the committee. “This legislation will help create a more transparent ballot petition process, save hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and ease voter confusion.”

OH House-50 - Yesterday I spoke briefly to Celeste DeHoff (D-Massillon), who won a crowded primary and is gearing up to run a strong campaign in this key targeted race. Her campaign manager is Denise Houston, a Canton attorney. Her campaign site is not up yet, but will be at "". (In the meantime, contribution checks payable to "Friends of Celeste DeHoff" can be sent to 900 Mill Ridge Path, Massillon, OH 44646.) She has been a Tuscarawas Township Trustee for ten years and is Assistant Law Director for Jackson Township. She expects the big issues in her race to be funding and improving the schools, jobs (lots of district residents lost their jobs when the Hoover plant in North Canton closed), and the environment (there have been big problems in the district with garbage dumps that have been leaking through the liners and damaging the groundwater). DeHoff regards attracting new businesses and helping people get the education and training to give them necessary job skills as the keys to the jobs issue.

OH House-84 - Connie Crockett's campaign site is down for the present, but when it returns it will be at the same location as before. In the interim she is accepting donations by mail payable to "Crockett for Ohio," 611 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH 45387, and she can be contacted at crockett4ohio-at-sbcglobal-dot-net. She plans a vigorous campaign in this open seat race against Madison County Commissioner Bob Hackett (R-London). She notes that two of the three counties in the district (Madison, Clark, and Greene) turned blue in the primary, and the other one almost did. One of the big issues in this race will be mega-farms and the negative impact they are having on the environment and quality of life. Here is a short video clip of the candidate speaking at a candidates forum hosted by the Cedarville Chamber of Commerce in February:

OH House-99 - Here is a photo from the swearing-in of State Rep. Deborah Newcomb (D-Conneaut) on Tuesday:

Rep. Newcomb was on Conneaut City Council for a decade and was re-elected as Ashtabula County Commissioner three times after her appointment in 1999. “I know I have big shoes to fill; George Distel is a legend in this district,” Rep. Newcomb said. “But I intend to hit the ground running and provide seamless service to my neighbors in northeast Ohio.”

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

On the radar screen today:

OH-02 - She's at it again! In September 2006 Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt (R-Loveland) plagiarized an editorial by Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington) for a guest column in the Community Press. Now she has apparently recycled material from an IRS informational letter for a taxpayer-funded letter to constitutents explaining the economic stimulus package, something that has been widely discussed in the media as well as in the prior IRS letter. As former Cincinnati Enquirer copy editor Jack Cannon commented in a letter to the editor of his former employer, “So, why would the congresswoman waste all that taxpayer money sending out letters to the Second District to rehash it all? Could it be just to get her name out there before the voters?"

OH-03 - Patrick McHugh, campaign manager for hard-charging challenger Jane Mitakides (D-Washington Twp), confirms that she will report an amount in excess of $150,000 for the first quarter. "There is a lot of excitement about this race out there and it is growing by the day," he adds.

OH-07 - Here's a short video clip of challenger Sharen Neuhardt (D-Yellow Springs) speaking at a candidates forum hosted by the Cedarville Chamber of Commerce in February, before she won the six-candidate Democratic primary:

She presents herself well as a pragmatic, business-friendly Democrat, and she makes a good point about putting more Democrats in Congress in order for Ohio to have "more seats at the federal table." It is instructive how she makes a stronger impression during the Q and A, when she is no longer referring to notes.

OH-12 - Russ Goodwin (D-Columbus), who won 35% of the vote in the three-way Democratic primary, has sent out a note saying that he is "very happy with this result" and he is pleased that his campaign followed through on an early decision to run an "above board, clean campaign and not spend tons of money." He also lists his endorsements for November in a host of Democratic candidates up and down the ticket, and significantly he includes his former adversary, primary winner David Robinson (D-Columbus).

OH-16 - State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) announced today that he met his goal of achieving "cruising altitude" by raising $20,000 online during March. He also asks supporters to donate or loan office supplies, desks, tables, chairs, computers, etc. for his new campaign headquarters, which will be opening soon at 601 Cleveland Avenue NW in Canton. *** Boccieri told Gerry Ricciutti of WYTV in Youngstown that he wants something more in the bipartisan economic stimulus plan announced by Gov. Strickland yesterday: "[He] says he'd like to see the plan go even further to help distressed cities like Youngstown get rid of blight, saying he may propose an amendment to the plan to allow cities to come up with funding for demolition."

OH-18 - David notes that Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) will attend a ceremony at ABC Manufacturing, 210 13th Street in Malta, Ohio, on Monday (April 7th) at 1:00 p.m. Space had worked with the company and local officials to secure this facility for the area. As David says, this is a "perfect chance for 18th district residents to see both their congressman and the effect he’s having on the area."

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

What's rocking and rolling in the House races:

OH-01 - State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) will speak to the Wyoming Democratic Club at Northern Hills Fellowship, 460 Fleming Road in Wyoming, Ohio next Tuesday, April 08 2008, at 7:30 p.m. *** Yesterday I wrote that Sharen Neuhardt in OH-07 leads all Ohio congressional challengers in ActBlue fundraising but I was mistaken -- Driehaus actually holds the lead at $51,246, an impressive showing. My apologies for the error.

OH-03 - Jane Mitakides (D-Washington Twp) raised $600,000 for her 2004 campaign, and she appears to be off to a very strong start this cycle. The Hellenic News of America published a story yesterday indicating that she has "raised a solid $150,000" since entering the race in mid-January. The story, which urges Greek Americans to open their pocketbooks to various candidates, also states that GreekPAC has endorsed Mitakides, that she is an active member of the American Hellenic Institute, and that she is right on "key Greek American issues" including calling for the removal of the Turkish troops, settlers, and barbed wire fence now dividing Cyprus. Mitakides' comments to the paper are very upbeat:

We were a little overwhelmed with the immediate response to the campaign. It certainly isn't a cliché here to say that people are ready for change. ...

The mood for change that hit Ohio in 2006 hasn't crested yet The voters of this district want leaders who will put our country back on track – an economy that works for all Americans, health care that is affordable and accessible to every American, and an end to our dangerous dependence on Mideast oil. We need to start investing in America for a change. Financial support is just one piece of what we're seeing in this campaign. The energy here is electric.

OH-12 - The campaign site of challenger David Robinson (D-Columbus) highlights this video clip, in which the candidate gives a thoughtful explanation of why he is running:

OH-16 - Retiring Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Navarre) was cited along with Sen. George Voinovich (R-Cleveland) in the Congressional Pig Book (compiled by Citizens Against Government Waste) for earmarking $126,000 for the First Ladies Library and Museum in Canton, founded by Regula's wife.

OH-18 - Although Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) has taken a hard (and very public) stance against illegal immigration, he was not one of the nine Democrats to sign a GOP-backed "discharge petition" before the spring recess to try to bring an enforcement-only border security bill to the floor. Over the recess, the RNCC circulated talking points in the 18th District and several other rural districts held by first-term Democrats, criticizing them for not acting to bring a harsh anti-immigration measure to a vote.

Carnival of Ohio Politics #111: Hero of Trafalgar Edition

All Hands On Deck! England Expects That Every Man Will Do His Duty!

PPP Poll Has Obama Ahead in PA

Following up on my post yesterday about a Rasmussen poll showing Barack Obama only five points behind Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania with three weeks to go . . . a Public Policy Polling poll out today shows Obama ahead by 45% to 43%, which is within the 2.8% margin of error but still an astonishing change from the 26 point Clinton lead reflected in the last poll by this outfit two and a half weeks ago.

Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Plan Announced

This morning Gov. Ted Strickland (D) announced a bipartisan economic stimulus plan as a press conference with House Speaker Jon Husted (R-Kettering) and Senate President Bill Harris (R-Ashland). Instead of borrowing $1.7 billion, to which the GOP leaders had objected, the plan is to borrow $400 million and divert the other money from the general fund and turnpike revenues. The jobs creation target got lowered from 80,000 to 57,000. The targeted investment areas (local road, bridge and water projects and advanced energy work) remain the same.

Strickland had pledged to gather signatures and get his original plan on the ballot in November. He would have faced stiff resistance and it isn't clear that the measure would have found strong support. Now the less ambitious $400 million bond issue will be on the ballot with bipartisan support, so it should go off without a hitch.

Politically it looks like both sides gained something by reaching this agreement, or at least avoid the risk of political damage down the road. Harris and Husted stared down the governor and got a big concession. But Strickland burnishes his reputation as a moderate who seeks bipartisan cooperation, which helps keep him popular, and he and the Democratic party avoided the consequences they would have endured if the original bond plan had failed to capture popular support and became instead an albatross in the fall.

With the energy bill and other hotly contested issues on the legislative agenda, it is probably a good thing to have put this initiative on a sound footing and move on to another battle.

UPDATE: Reactions are rolling in. From press releases:

“These targeted investments are what we need to break Ohio out of the national economic slump. We can revitalize our communities more quickly, and invest in the jobs of the future immediately,” says State Rep. Matt Lundy (D-Elyria). “Governor Strickland continues to demonstrate bold leadership. I will work with him on these innovative ideas designed to turn around Ohio. I’m excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on Lorain County and Ohio.”

“This package means folks will see essential economic investment a year earlier than if this issue went to the November ballot,” says State Rep. Steve Dyer (D-Green). “It accelerates investment in emerging industries, our workforce and our infrastructure to create jobs and prosperity in Ohio. It is another demonstration of Governor Strickland’s decisive leadership in these difficult economic times.”

Help Retake the Ohio House - Support a Challenger or Open Seat Candidate

Friday (April 4th) is an important campaign finance reporting cut-off for General Assembly candidates. Those who put up good fund-raising numbers in their Post Primary Election Campaign Finance Report will be in a stronger position to attract donors and support as their campaigns move forward.

Since the number one goal for Ohio Democrats in the state this year is achieving a net gain of four seats and thus retaking the Ohio House of Representatives, now is the time to pick out a challenger or open seat candidate or two and give them some support. Bear in mind, of course, that you get to claim a $50 credit ($100 if filing jointly) on your state tax return next year for contributing to a General Assembly candidate during 2008. So it basically COSTS YOU NOTHING to send $50.00 to a challenger right now. Or give $10.00 each to five of them. Just get it done. (I did, and it's a great feeling.)

I wrote about some key targeted races last week. A number of them have online donation links set up, so you can click on through and make a donation right now. Here are some contribution links for key races that I highlighted last week:

92nd - Debbie Phillips

22nd - John Carney

20th - Nancy Garland

42nd - Mike Moran

46th - Darlene Dunn

28th - Connie Pillich

19th - Marian Harris

17th - Bob Belovich

Here are some candidates who don't have online contribution links yet but you can mail them a check, it'll just take a minute to do:

50th - Celeste DeHoff: "Friends of Celeste DeHoff," 900 Mill Ridge Path, Massillon, OH 44646

18th - Matt Patten: "Friends of Matt Patten," 15311 Sassafras Dr., Strongsville, OH 44136

94th - Jennifer Stewart: "Jennifer Stewart for State Representative," PO Box 190, Zanesville, OH 43702

85th - Ray Pryor: "Ray Pryor for State Representative," c/o Lawrence Brown, Treasurer, 263 Rozelle Creek Road, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

84th - Connie Crockett: "Crockett for Ohio," 611 Xenia Ave., Yellow Springs, OH 45387

GOP: $730,018.17 -- Democrats: $33,807.06

That's the current financial position of a potential (lets even say speculative) race for Ohio Secretary of State in 2010.

More about this here.

Wake-Up Walmart Starts 2008 Campaign

Promoted from the Forums. - Jeff

Wake Up Walmart has released its first video of 2008. Walmart is a key issue for progressives to focus on- because of their awful health care benefits, Ohio citizens are estimated to be paying $70,882,417 a year in taxes to cover poor Walmart employees and their families with health care- while Walmart is making huge profits.

Please check out this video, and let your friends know why we need to "Wake Up Walmart".

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races UPDATED

Buzz from the battlefields:

OH-03 - As Chris Kelly asks on the Mitakides campaign blog, "What’s a Congressman to do, when the only legislation he’s passed during five years on the job renamed a Dayton park?" Answer: make stuff up. Challenger Jane Mitakides (D-Washington Twp) sharply criticized Rep. Mike Turner (R-Centerville) yesterday for claiming credit for helping Delphi workers with their eligibility for economic stimulus checks when actually he had done nothing to affect their eligibilty. The controversy arises from this March 5th newspaper column in which Turner wrote that "it seemed for a while as if Delphi workers might not be eligible for a recovery rebate" because of buyouts they received in 2007, but he had "worked to obtain a clarification of the rebate process and how Delphi workers can participate." In reality, the workers' eligibility was never in doubt, and Turner's column merely caused needless worry. Mitakides accused Turner of "creat[ing] the illusion of working for the people" of the district:

"The notion that these rebates were at risk and then somehow salvaged was absolutely misleading. It's the legislative equivalent of turning in someone else's homework and taking credit for it."

Mitakides will be at the Warren County Democratic Party Spring Fundraiser on Saturday night.

UPDATE: OH-07 - One thing that I just love about challenger Sharen Neuhardt (D-Yellow Springs) is that she really gets it about the importance of early fund-raising. She has collected a total of $45,390 through to date, more than any other Ohio challenger. (Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) is close behind at $45,044.) The biggest ActBlue haul of any Ohio congressional candidate is by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) at $141,120, the bulk of it coming through The People's Email Network. Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) is the only other incumbent ahead of Neuhardt, at $53,335 raised so far. [PS: ActBlue announced today that it broke two records -- funds raised in a quarter, and funds raised in a single day (i.e., yesterday). Also, I overlooked another challenger, Steve Driehaus in OH-01, who has raised even more on ActBlue than Neuhardt at 451,246.]

OH-09 - Yesterday Avi Zenilman of wrote a piece categorizing the various types of undecided superdelegates, and gave Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) as an example of the "parochial" type who "need reassurances that there’s something in it for them or for the places they hail from." He quoted Kaptur as saying of herself and other Ohio congressional superdelegates that “our job is to represent our constituents and their deepest concerns. I’m hoping superdelegates [who] are uncommitted that have the economy as their major concern will gravitate to our group and use that power to gain additional attention.”

OH-10 - Blogger Jay McDonough makes a good point about Clinton's argument that she must not be pressured to drop out of the race because voters in the remaining ten primaries must have their say: "By the same reasoning, do Bill and Hillary Clinton believe Dennis Kucinich should have stayed in the race so as not to deny those (rabid) Kucinich voters in Pennsylvania and North Carolina the opportunity to cast their vote for Kucinich?"

OH-12 - David Robinson (D-Columbus) had a very successful pair of campaign events over the weekend. Gray Hunter of the Licking County Pro-Active Citizens reports that "some 50 first-wave volunteers showed up Sunday afternoon for the campaign kick-off" and were "greeted by a large table overflowing with professional-looking literature, a huge swarm of campaign pins, stacks of candidate postcards, bumper stickers and yard signs, altogether an amazing array of get-out-the-vote tools." At Saturday's breakfast meet-up in Newark, Robinson "vowed before an audience of about 40 Licking County activists to run a "positive" campaign, one avoiding personal attacks while still going after Tiberi's record of supporting the Bush agenda." Robinson told the crowd that:

Pat Tiberi is not the moderate Republican he portrays himself as. On Iraq, for example, he says the same things Bush has been saying for five years...and he advocates extension of all the Bush tax cuts which are completely immoral in terms of the debt we're heaping on our young people.

Hunter praises Robinson for "his seemingly boundless energy and a drive to organize derived from his business and environmental background."

UPDATE: OH-14 - The campaign of Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) hit a grand slam with its baseball-themed push to raise $2,300 online by the end of Opening Day. The program raised $3,285. Congrats!

OH-15 - County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy (D-Columbus) expressed outrage yesterday at the enormous paychecks received by executives of mortgage companies that perpetrated the subprime mortgage meltdown in Ohio. “It’s time to change the priorities in Washington so the powerful banking lobby no longer writes the rules to benefit Wall Street at the expense of Main Street," she said in a press release, as reported on The Daily Briefing. *** As Dave Harding notes at ProgressOhio, Kilroy joined the other two Franklin County Commissioners today in adopting a resolution to protect county employees from discrimination in employment, housing or public accommodations because of sexual orientation or gender identity. This is analogous to the recently-introduced non-discrimination bill in the General Assembly over which opponent State Sen. Steve Stivers (R-Upper Arlington) has expressed some reservations, saying that changes are needed to protect employers in job interview situations.

OH-16 - While running hard for Congress, State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) has attained a goal he had set for himself in the Ohio Senate -- appointment to the Energy and Public Utilities Committee, where he is now the ranking Democratic member.

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton Lead in PA Down to 5 Points

Whoa. Rasmussen has a new poll out showing Hillary Clinton with only a five point lead in Pennsylvania, three weeks out from the primary:

47% Clinton
42% Obama

That is down from a ten point lead on March 25th, a thirteen point lead on March 13th, and a fifteen point lead on March 6th.

The pollster notes that Obama was recently endorsed by Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), leads in recent national polling by Gallup, and is out-spending Clinton in Pennsylvania by a wide margin.

Most of the recent chatter about the presidential race has been premised on the assumption that Clinton would win Pennsylvania, Obama would win North Carolina, and later primaries like Indiana would loom large thereafter. If Obama pull Pennsylvania out, it might all be over.

Obama closed the gap in Ohio in similar fashion but still lost the primary. However, looking back at the polls in Ohio, I don't see any that showed Obama as close as 5 points until a PPP Poll on February 23-24th, a little more than one week before the election. Obama has much more time left to work with in Pennsylvania than he did in Ohio at that time.

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