Taxpayers Pay for Half the Cost of Bush's Visit, But Can't Attend Either Event

What's up with that?!?! The Dayton Daily News reports today:

The general public is not allowed to attend either of Bush's appearances and the Air Force museum will be closed for the day.

Bush will speak at 10:15 a.m. to a group of about 1,200 community leaders and members of the military at the museum and then will attend the fundraiser. Because of the dual nature of the visit, the trip's cost will be divided between taxpayers and the Ohio Republican Party, Jones said.

There is something very wrong here. If the general public is paying for half the visit, the general public should be invited to attend the speech. Keeping the public away ought to make it just another campaign event, and the ORP ought to foot the bill.

Ohio CD Demographics

I love numbers. I love the Census Bureau's Website. I love Adobe Readers' Snapshot Tool. I'm a fan of Google Applications.

I put the following together (at Blue Bexley) to tell a story about the unique characteristics of the 12th Congressional District, but if you're interested in any part of Ohio, you might find this interesting (darker always means higher/more, range is calibrated for Ohio).

The full size slides are available here.
This data was pulled from the Geographic Comparison Data in the 2006 American Community Survey as accessed through

OH-03: Press Conference & Rally Against a Third Bush Term in Dayton 3/27

03/27/2008 - 9:00am
03/27/2008 - 11:00am

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern, Congressional Candidate Jane Mitakides, and Montgomery County Recorder Willis Blackshear will hold a press conference TOMORROW at 9:00 a.m. to respond to President Bush’s latest visit to Ohio. The President has decided to ignore the sagging national economy and foreclosure crisis completely on this trip, choosing instead to deliver a speech on his Iraq policy and hold a fundraiser with GOP donors on behalf of his protégé, John McCain.

Following the press conference, local Democrats will hold a RALLY AGAINST A THIRD BUSH TERM at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 27th. We will meet in the parking lot next to Moonlight Security, 5717 Huberville Rd. in Riverside, just off Springfield St. across from the Air Force Museum main gate.

Comfort Suites (Conference Room)
5220 Huberville Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45431

Bush is Coming to Ohio - Sign The Petition Against a Third Bush Term

George Bush will be in Dayton tomorrow for a speech and a private fund-raiser (co-sponsored by a convicted money launderer and the owner of a leading outsourcing company). The Ohio Democratic Party has a petition for you to sign:

John McCain admitted that he doesn't really understand the economy. Like George Bush, McCain would make permanent tax cuts to the wealthy and support failed policies that have hurt Ohio’s working families.

John McCain has no plan for the foreclosure crisis. Like George Bush, McCain has no real plan to help Ohioans save their homes. McCain downplayed the single biggest economic challenge facing the state– and even blamed the crisis on home owners.

John McCain has repeatedly been a staunch defender of Bush policies in Iraq. Like George Bush, McCain is willing to keep our troops trapped in Iraq’s civil war for 100 years or more.

John McCain opposes keeping kids healthy. Like George Bush, McCain strongly opposed expanding health coverage for millions of uninsured children.

John McCain caters to special interests. Like George Bush, McCain is closely connected to Washington lobbyists. McCain has the most lobbyists raising money for his campaign.

We cannot afford a third Bush term. Sign our petition and tell the Ohio Republican Party that Ohioans do not want another four years of the failed policies of George Bush and John McCain.

OH-03: Mitakides (D) Endorses "Responsible Plan" on Ending Iraq War

Today the campaign of Jane Mitakides (D) announced that she has officially joined the list of more than 30 Congressional challengers (now including Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) in OH-14) who support the Responsible Plan for Ending the War in Iraq.

From the press release:

“We must refocus our efforts in Iraq from a military offensive to a diplomatic one, working to bring stability to the region while bringing our American heroes home,” said Mitakides. “While it is important that we strengthen and modernize our military in order to face the changing threats posed to our nation's security, we must also restore America’s place in the world as a diplomatic leader.”

Jane Mitakides’ opponent, Mike Turner, voted against requiring President Bush to submit a “comprehensive strategy” for Iraq to Congress. He repeatedly voted in favor of an open-ended military commitment in Iraq, yet voted against increased funding for veteran’s healthcare and rehabilitation services.

The Responsible Plan was developed at the instigation of challenger Darcy Burner (D, WA-08) in consultation with military experts including Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, U.S. Army ret., the former Security Transition Commanding General in Iraq; Brig. Gen. John Johns, U.S. Army ret., a specialist in counterinsurgency and nation-building; Capt. Larry Seaquist, U.S. Navy ret., the former commander of the U.S.S. Iowa and former Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning; and Dr. Lawrence Korb, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Reagan Administration.
Continued after the flip.

McCain Channels Hoover on Foreclosure Crisis

Ohio Treasurer Rich Cordray and Cuyahoga County Treasurer, situated at the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis and long considered national leaders on the issue, have always asserted that the mortgage foreclosure crisis is the greatest financial challenge faced by our generation, comparable only to the Great Depression. Of course, President Herbert Hoover reacted to the stock market crash of October 1929 by announcing in February 1930 that the preliminary shock had passed and employment was on the mend.

So, who is the new Hoover as this catastrophe unfolds? George Bush was the leading contender until his Federal Reserve head honcho Ben Bernanke turned conservative financial ideology on its head by bailing out subprime mortgage-crippled Bear Stearns late last week (an action that Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research calls "Socialism for the Rich"). So who else?

The honor goes to Bush wannabe John McCain, who said yesterday that he is "committed to the principle that it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers," and rejected proposals by the Democratic candidates to help homeowners at risk as "sounding expensive." His proposal for dealing with the nation's greatest financial crisis in nearly a century is to convene a few panels to look into the problem, and maybe he will consider any proposals they make.

For a refreshing contrast, consider the leadership displayed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in introducing S.2636, the "Foreclosure Prevention Act," which gives bankruptcy judges the power to modify harmful mortgages marketed by subprime lenders in recent years, and would help more than 600,000 families stuck in bad loans keep their homes. It also ramps up resources available to foreclosure counseling services, and permits municipal governments to use tax-exempt bonds to help refinance subprime loans.

As for McCain's grand design, it's far too late for sitting back and convening panels to study the problem. This crisis is continuing to deepen and it's nowhere near a resolution. Economist/blogger Bonddad spells it out in an excellent post Tuesday called "Housing Nowhere Near a Bottom". The glut of foreclosed homes now flooding the market at fire-sale prices guarantees that home values will continue to decline, further cutting middle class families' primary source of credit; vacancy rates in cities are topping the highest levels ever recorded; and record-high household debt, rising commodities prices, and tight credit will continue to forestall consumer spending, a critical element of any recovery. And today he points to signs that the stock market may continue to stagnate, including another wave of adjustable mortgage resets that will occur in 2010.

McCain's blithering idiocy about the economy should be a cause of concern all across the nation but it's especially alarming here in Ohio, where the Columbus Dispatch reports today that one in ten residents are on food stamps, almost double the rate when Bush took office in 2001. And the point isn't lost on ODP Chair Chris Redfern, who reacted strongly to McCain's speech:

"It took all of five minutes for the Federal Reserve to bail out Bear Stearns, but after countless months of skyrocketing foreclosures, George Bush and John McCain still can't wrap their heads around the problem," said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern. "John McCain has displayed a frightening level of indifference toward the most fundamental economic challenge facing Ohio families."

Continued after the break.

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races UPDATED

Items of interest for this morning:

OH-01 - State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) is quoted in The Hill today in an article about how congressional challengers are generally reluctant to make endorsements in the presidential race. Driehaus told the reporter that he has a preference, but he isn't making it public. “It’s not as if my viewpoints ideologically align neatly with any one candidate,” said Driehaus. “I think they all bring value to the table. We’re going to work with whomever the nominee is, but we’re focused on winning this congressional seat.” *** Bloggers Harry and Jack observe that Rep. Steve Chabot (R-Westwood), spurred on by campaign contributions from oil and mining interests, continued his campaign against the environment by voting against the bipartisan Water Resources Act of 2007 (HR 1495).

OH-03 - George Bush, Mr. 29%, will be in Dayton on Thursday, giving a speech on the Global War on Terra and attending a private fundraiser (whose co-sponsors include a convicted money-launderer and the owner of an outsourcing company). Patrick McHugh, campaign manager for Jane Mitakides (D), tells me that the candidate will be speaking at a press conference with several other local candidates about the Bush visit on Thursday morning. *** Yesterday I got an email from Chris Kelly, the New Media/Voter Outreach Director for Mitakides. He has the candidate's campaign blog up and running, with a post yesterday about her endorsement by the executive committee of the Warren County Democratic Party. Chris also highlights this interesting article in the Dayton Daily News, describing the revival of the Warren County Dems.

OH-04 - No surprise, but Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) is a hard-liner on Iraq, saying at an event in Lima that the troop surge is working: "“We’ve lost some great people unfortunately, but we’re making progress.” It seems like the whole GOP is lining up behind McCain as far as staking their political fortunes on the unpopular war. I wonder if Jordan agrees with Dick Cheney that the war is a bigger burden on George Bush than on the families of military casualties (who, as Cheney points out, volunteered)?

OH-09 - Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) is the highest ranking Ohio Democrat in a new power ranking of House members by, in 58th place. She is second in the state delegation to House Speaker John Boehner (R-West Chester). Overall, the ranking of the Ohio delegation has slipped due to retirements and the changeover to Democratic control of the chamber.

OH-10 - No comment - the spoof site CAP News says that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) is preparing to give a major speech on U.S.-alien relations:

OH-12 The excellent Bonobo pointed out yesterday that contrary to popular myth (furthered by the Columbus Dispatch in its 2006 endorsement), incumbent Rep. Pat Tiberi (R) is neither powerful nor moderate. ranks Tiberi 281st in its power rankings, well below freshman Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) at 241st. And the National Journal liberal-conservative ratings put Tiberi far to the right at 123/429, much more conservative than fellow central Ohio incumbents Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington at 182/429 and Rep. Dave Hobson (R-Springfield) at 176/429.

OH-18 Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) will be conducting the second of three seminars on government procurement on Friday morning, April 4th, at the Tuscarawas campus of Kent State University in New Philadelphia. This seminar will focus on preferences given to businesses owned at least 51% by Veterans and Service Disabled Veterans. Call Space's Zanesville office at 740-452-6338 before this Friday, March 28th, to register. Registration deadline is March 28. The final seminar will be in Athens on May 22nd, with a registration deadline of May 15th.

Elephant Wars in Summit County Enter New Phase

Ever fascinating, the death-match between GOP powerbroker Alex Arshinkoff and State Sen Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) shifted to new strategic ground yesterday with the announcement that relatively little-known city council member Carol Klinger (R-Cuyahoga Falls) is the Coughlin faction's choice to replace Arshinkoff. (I immediately thought of the installation of apparent straw man Yousuf Raza Gillani as Pakistan's new Prime Minister while principal opposition leader Ali Asif Zardari works things out behind the scenes, but knowing little of Summit County politics I'm not sure how apt the comparison may be.) Klinger apparently took several days to decide whether to accept the bid. The county GOP central committee will vote on the leadership position after the results of the March 4th primary are certified, which must take place by mid-April. The Coughlin camp says he has enough votes to oust Arshinkoff, while Arshinkoff's allies claim otherwise.

Bloggers are commenting on the choice of Klinger over more prominent possibilities, and on the decision by Coughlin to skip the ceremony. Read all about it on Psychobilly Democrat, Pho's Akron Pages, and Have I Got News For You!. I'm sure that The Chief Source will weigh in as well.

Auditor Slams Former SOS Blackwell (R) on Mess Left Behind

I'm loving this. The GOP wants to give Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D-Columbus) less than no credit for the exemplary job she has been doing under difficult circumstances, but an item in The Daily Briefing this morning confirms that departing Ken Blackwell (R-Cincinnati) broke the law in ways that handicapped her from the outset:

State Auditor Mary Taylor this morning zapped fellow Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell for more than $80,000 in illegal bonuses to employees departing the secretary of state's office as Blackwell closed his tenure there in 2006. ...

The total represents the net of each employee’s respective additional payments, improper leave balance payouts and incorrect retirement fund contributions. Taylor found the workers did nothing other than to perform their regular jobs to get the bonuses....

Taylor also nicked Blackwell for not complying with Ohio law because he did not provide his successor, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, with a letter listing the office's inventory.

Brunner asked for the special audit in February 2007, shortly after taking office....

When Secretary Brunner took office in January 2007 she found the place in disarray, with the bulk of the two-year budget already spent, supplies mishandled, ongoing projects botched, and incomplete information from her predecessor. In short, instead of a transition Blackwell engaged in sabotage.

It was Brunner's pledge during the campaign to run the SOS office in such an efficient and impartial way that her name would be little known compared to her infamous predecessor. Constant assaults and criticism orchestrated by the GOP have made that impossible, but she has persevered and on the whole performed admirably and always consistently with her mission of overseeing free and fair elections.

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races

The buzz from the battlefields:

OH-01 - Bill Sloat noted on The Daily Bellwether yesterday that Rep. Steve Chabot (R-West Wood) accepted $24,500 from tobacco interests over the last decade, second most in Ohio to House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-West Chester).

OH-02 - The obsession with running on the part of gaunt-looking Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt (R-Loveland) is mentioned in an article about federal legislators and physical fitness in The Politico today. The Body Image & Health Task Force at The Ohio State University has more on the tragedy of exercise addiction ("Withdrawal is common among exercise addicts ... They experience mood swings and depression when they must forgo their exercise routine").

OH-03 - Yesterday was the birthday of Jane Mitakides (D) - it's not too late to give her a little gift.

OH-04 - Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) contributed a whopping $20,000 to the NRCC in February. Seems like he is looking past the election already, trying to raise his standing in the caucus. Let's all give a little love to challenger Mike Carroll (D-Mansfield) to make the incumbent pay more attention to this race!

OH-07 - This story in the Circleville Herald contrasts Sharen Neuhardt (D-Yellow Springs) with State Sen. Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) on the debacle in Iraq. The paper is clearly rooting for Austria, whose campaign manager Steve Corbitt said "Senator Austria strongly believes the troop surge is working and believes the war is moving towards a date to bring soldiers home." Neuhardt's postition:

"I am committed to ending the war in Iraq, and bringing our troops home safely and responsibly," Neuhardt said. "I will make sure each returning soldier receives the finest medical care for their injuries sustained in fighting for our country and defending freedom overseas."

Neuhardt added that the war has been depleting the nation's treasury and the war "has made America less safe, rather than more," and has hurt the country's prestige around the world.

OH-09 - Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) will appear today at the J.R. Whiting Power Plant north of Toledo to help mark an agreement between Consumer Power Co. and the U.S. Fish and Wildlfe Service to turn over a 49-acre strip of shoreline to be maintained as part of the Detroit International River Wildlife Refuge. *** A Dispatch article on earmarks for Ohio colleges and universities in the current budget process notes that Kaptur tied for the most to an individual school by an Ohio legislator at 16 (Sen. Voinovich shares the distinction). Lawmakers defend the earmarks as making up for budget cuts and keeping Ohio's schools competitive and thus helping Ohio's economy. "Presidents play politics with the budget, cutting programs that we know the people want," Kaptur said. "We have to fight for the heartland against the president, congressional leaders from the coastal states and others who don't have Ohio's priorities and concerns at heart."

OH-12 - Join the Licking County Pro-Active Citizens for a breakfast meet-up with challenger David W. Robinson (D) this Saturday, March 29th, 9:30 a.m. at the Bake-n-Brew restaurant, 1821 W. Main St. in Newark, Ohio.

OH-13 - Roman at the excellent Lorain-centric Word of Mouth blog has some ideas of things to ask staffers of Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Copley Twp) about at "Congress In Your Community" events to be held in Avon Lake at 9:00 a.m. and Sheffield at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, such as federal funding for better roads and more police officers in Lorain and grant money for a technology corridor and waterfront improvements. The rest of the schedule of such events is here. What would you like to recommend for your part of the district?

OH-14 - Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) invites everyone to stop by the campaign office at 147 Bell Street, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 on Friday and volunteer some time to help out with the campaign.

OH-15 - Retiring Rep. Deborah Pryce (R-Upper Arlington) gave the RNCC $100,000 in February. (The DCCC outraised its counterpart for the month $6.2 million to $4.6 million, but not with notable help from any Ohio Democrats.)

OH-16 - At the Stark County Farm Bureau legislative breakfast yesterday, State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) advocated country-of-origin labeling on agricultural food products as a means of boosting local farmers.

OH-16: Boccieri (D) Statement on Surpassing 4,000 Military Deaths in Iraq

A statement from State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown), a USAF veteran and reservist who flew C-130's in Iraq:

Four more American soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq over the weekend bringing the total number of American soldiers killed to 4,000 and number of injured to near 30,000.

In 2001, President Bush told us that our country's involvement in Iraq would be swift and inexpensive. Five years later, we're spending $12 billion a month on this war as we watch the quality of life for Americans continuously worsen.

And we've lost our focus on Afghanistan, a proven harbor of terrorism, as we have aimlessly allocated our precious resources to attend to a sectarian conflict in Iraq.

President Bush recently gave a speech noting the successes of the war. However, the human and financial toll this war has taken our country into desperate times. Our injured return home to find they don't have access to the health care they need.

The President has not offered an exit strategy or any indication that one is needed. Senator John McCain wants to stay in Iraq another 100 years. Its time for a change in Washington.

The soldiers of our country deserve better. We deserve answers, but more importantly we deserve new leadership. It is disheartening to me as I hear from people across Northeast Ohio voice their concerns for their economic security, health care for their families and providing an adequate education for their children as we devote our resources elsewhere.

There's no doubt that it will take new leadership to bring real, substantial change to our Iraq policy. We need a president and a Congress who will put America first – and put our interests ahead of special interests.

Help Take Back The Ohio House: Donate to a Targeted Race Candidate By April 4th

Now that the excitement and the distraction of the presidential primary in Ohio are well past, it's time to focus on the #1 strategic goal for the Ohio Democratic Party in 2008 -- retaking the Ohio House of Representatives. We are only down by four seats. Wherever you live in Ohio (or even outside of it), it is in your interest as a Democrat to support the candidates in key Ohio House races in order to enable Governor Strickland and the other statewide Democratic officeholders to control the agenda for Ohio government and paint Ohio a bluer shade of blue.

Between now and April 4th is a critical time to donate to these candidates. That is the cut-off for the Post Primary Election Campaign Finance Report. The candidates must make a strong showing in this report in order to attract additional donations and support later on. Early money, as they say, is like yeast.

If you do nothing else to support Ohio candidates this spring, I suggest that you give what you can to one or more key Ohio House candidates. In this post I'll identify the races that I regard as critical to the cause. First, here are nine open GOP-held seats, ranked according to my own subjective take on the Democratic candidate's likelihood of success:

OH House-92 SE Ohio (Athens, Meigs, Morgan, Washington Counties). City council member Debbie Phillips (D-Athens) fought term-limited incumbent Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) to a recount last year and wound up losing by only 865 votes. Stewart is running for Ohio Senate and Phillips faces county auditor Jill Thompson (R-The Plains). The district leans Democratic (D+2.9.) Phillips is a smart and disciplined campaigner.

OH House-22 Central Ohio (Franklin County). This would be the top-ranked race except that the district leans strongly Republican (R+8.7). However, health law attorney John Carney (D-Columbus) outperformed the partisan voter index by more than 5 points in winning 46.91% of the vote in 2006 against term-limited incumbent Jim Hughes (R-Clintonville), now running for the Ohio Senate. Carney, an extremely articulate and personable campaigner, faces city councilman Michael Keenan (R-Dublin).

OH House-42 NE Ohio (Summit County). City council member Mike Moran (D-Hudson) is an excellent candidate with a background in law and business as well as local government. This is an open seat because State Rep. John Widowfield (R-Cuyahoga Falls), who lost his bid for Cuyahoga Falls Clerk of Municipal Courts in 2005, decided to run for the Summit County Council. Although the district leans Republican (R+4.2), I like Moran's chances very much against political novice Richard Nero (R-Hudson).
Continued after the break.

OH-14: O'Neill (D) Announces Support for the "Responsible Plan" on Iraq

As I reported on Friday, Vietnam veteran Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) has become the first Ohio candidate to officially lend his support to the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, spearheaded by challenger Darcy Burner (D-WA) in consultation with military leaders and experts. The plan is now endorsed by a total of 24 U.S. House challengers and two U.S. Senate challengers.

O'Neill issued a statement today about the Responsible Plan (continues after the break):

The “Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq” was authored by former military leaders, including the former commanding general who oversaw the security transition in Iraq from 2003 to 2004, and several congressional challengers. This comes on the heels of the news that the 4,000th American soldier had been killed in Iraq this weekend.

“Our troops were sent in to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and they achieved that goal,” O’Neill said. “They were not sent there to occupy the country indefinitely. Now our leaders in Washington are failing them and us in allowing the war to carry on with little to no accountability and absolutely no end in sight.”

Win a Dinner With Barack Obama

Donations of $200 or less make up less than 13% of the fund-raising for John McCain, who relies on wealthy donors and PACs and big fund-raising dinners attended by special interests. Obama's fund-raising is the polar opposite. In February, 94% of Obama donors gave $200 or less. And he raised $55 million that month. That's a people-powered campaign.

Now you can leverage a very small contribution to Obama for America into a chance to meet Obama in person. Contribute any amount to the Obama campaign (even as low as $5.00) at this link between now and next Monday and you could be selected to have dinner with the candidate, along with three other Obama supporters.

McCain Debates McCain

The Democratic National Committee has announced a series of debates between the old and new Sen. John McCain at "The one candidate in this debate who could beat John McCain, is John McCain himself," the press release says.

"As the two McCains square off, the American people will have the opportunity to hear the old McCain and the new McCain for themselves. McCain the Maverick, the come-from-behind phenom whose Straight Talk Express sped into New Hampshire eight years ago and knocked Establishment Candidate George W. Bush off his feet, has agreed to debate 2008 Republican Nominee McCain, the third Bush termer and pandering politician who will say or do anything to win and has no qualms selling out his principles to score some votes."

The first debate is on Iraq, and it's hilarious. For example, we hear old McCain calling Hussein a clear and present danger, and new McCain denying that he ever said that.

OH-01: Driehaus (D) Gears Up Grassroots Campaign

Good to see the grassroots campaign of State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) kicking off in earnest this week. Driehaus is holding a campaign office open house tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 at 3741 Glenmore Avenue, Cheviot, Ohio 45211, and canvassing begins this Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00. For more information, contact Aryeh Alex at field-at-driehaus2008-dot-com, or call (513) 662-0205.

In addition, Driehaus will march in the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade on Monday, March 31st, from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. (at Findlay Market, Over-the-Rhine).

News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races UPDATED

News you can schmooze:

OH-01 - Bloggers Harry and Jack of Ohio First Politics note that if Chabot is holding a town hall (and he is, tomorrow night), then it must be an election year. These are "typically nothing more than staged stump speeches with planted questions," although this time he at least put a notice in the newspaper rather than just mailing an invitation to Republican households only (an abuse of the franking privilege that he engaged in previously). Harry and Jack promise to provide full coverage of the spectacle.

OH-03 - On last week's 5th year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, Jane Mitakides (D) released a plan to honor military veterans by expanding educational opportunities, ensuring access to quality healthcare, and guaranteeing that all veterans receive the assistance and benefits they have earned (details here). Opponent Rep. Mike Turner (R-Centerville) has repeatedly voted against expanding benefits for veterans, earning a "C" grade from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America in 2006. Mitakides pledges to stand with military veterans 100% of the time, and notes that her family has served in the Army, Air Force, and Marines in every war of the last century, from the Spanish-American War through Gulf War I. *** Mitakides will attend the Warren County Democratic Party Spring Fundraiser on April 3rd.

UPDATE: OH-04 - Mike Carroll (D-Mansfield) will speak tonight April 24th at the Champaign County Democrats Spring Dinner tonight. The event begins with a social hour at 6:00, followed by dinner at 7:00, at the Campaign County fairgrounds, Activity Building, 384 Park Avenue in Urbana.

OH-07 - Although no longer a candidate, Lt. Col. John Mitchel, USAF-ret. (R) continues to hammer retiring Rep. Dave Hobson (R-Springfield) and his hand-picked heir apparent State Sen. Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) over a huge no-bid contract steered to Hobson contributors by a commitee that including Austria and his wife. In an LTE circulated by Mitchell last week he says that this transaction involved more hypocrisy and corruption than the sweetheart deal involving Rep. Turner's wife that was recently criticized by the Dayton Daily News:

[T]he earmark to Lori Turner’s company was a walk in the park compared to Dave Hobson’s and Steve and Eileen Austria’s intervening with The Dayton Development Coalition to misappropriate $1.9 million from Greene County and other Ohio taxpayers. On the receiving end were The Greentree Group and Paul Magliochetti and Associates (PMA Group), a local defense contractor and a Washington lobbyist, under the pretense both private corporations were required for BRAC support. At least Mrs. Turner provided meaningful work for her company’s $300,000 payday. For nearly a year I’ve been trying to learn exactly what Greentree and the PMA Group did to earn $1.9 million. While campaigning for Greene County Commission before the March 4th primary, Marilyn Reid took all the credit for Wright Patt’s BRAC success, but never once mentioned the $1.9 million earmarked for BRAC support by herself and two other Greene County Commissioners (Madden and Harper) in 2003.

OH-10 - Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) gave a particularly fiery floor speech recently, connecting the misbegotten war in Iraq to the nation's economic woes:

OH-13 - Representatives of Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Copley Twp) will onduct "Congress in Your Community" events at seven locations this week in order to hear the opinions and concerns of constituents: Strongsville and North Royalton tomorrow a.m.; Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, and Sheffield on Thursday; and Brecksville and Broadview Heights on Friday. Mayors John Hunter of Sheffield and Dave Gillock of North Ridgeville praised the events to Lorain Morning Journal reporter Brian Ross, the former commenting that "It's good for the people, good for the community and the area," and the latter that "More public officials should try to be available locally in the communities."

OH-14 - Sabrina Eaton reported on Openers on Friday that Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-Bainbridge Twp) is collecting money from transportation interests (regulated by the House Transportation Committee on which he sits) for his new "Trans PAC," which he will use to help the NRCC and individual GOP candidates in order to beef up his chances for a committee chairmanship. This is classic LaTourette, a backroom-operator devoted to building and using his personal political clout. *** Opponent Bill O'Neill (D-South Russell) will celebrate opening day on Monday with a lunch in downtown Cleveland featuring AG Marc Dann - details here. In the meantime, you can sign an online "Get Well Bill!" card here.

OH-18 - Rep. Zack Space (D-Dover) held a successful economic summit on agriculture in Coschocton on Friday, part of his RENEW Ohio 18 initiative. As Brian Gadd reported in the Coschocton Tribune, more than 100 farmers, county leaders, and Farm Bureau officials turned out. They broke into sub-groups to develop ideas for improving the outlook for agriculture. Some of the ideas included more government support for farm management research and education, and supplements or subsidy payments and start-up funds for young farmers. *** Space's opponent Fred Dailey (R-Mt Vernon) was Director of Agriculture in 2001 when the regulation of factory farms was transferred from the Ohio EPA to the Department of Agriculture. He is widely regarded as having given a free pass to new megafarms (he objected to the use of that term and insisted that they are "family farms" that are welcome in Ohio), which rural residents despise because of their stench, pollution of air and water, and relatively minor contribution to the local economy (jobs offered tend to be low-paying and filled primarily by immigrant workers, and factory farms buy very little feed or supplies locally). As Scott Pullins noted last summer, Dailey's permissive attitude toward factory farms could be a big issue in the largely-rural 18th District.

Washington Week in Review Taping in Cleveland 4/4

04/04/2008 - 3:30pm
04/04/2008 - 4:00pm

I absolutely love this show, so I'm planning to attend when Washington Week in Review with Gwen Ifill, celebrating its 40th anniversary, comes to Cleveland on Friday, April 4th, as part of a 10-city tour during the 2008 campaign season. The show will be taped at 3:30 p.m. before a live audience at Waetjen Auditorium at Cleveland State University. The regular show will be followed by a special half-hour Washington Week EXTRA: Northeast Ohio Edition with Gwen Ifill and her panel of journalists answering your questions. Both will air that night on public television.

You can order up to four tickets for the taping. Tickets are free. Pick them up in person at WVIZ, or order from Tickmaster subject to a $0.75 convenience charge for each ticket in your order, and a $1.75 delivery charge for the entire order.

Panelists for the show include Ohio natives Michael Duffy from TIME and Jackie Calmes from The Wall Street Journal.

Event guests may park in PF or S3 Lots on campus. The entrance to PF Lot is on East 21st Street between Chester Ave & Euclid Ave. The entrance to S3 Lot is on East 22 Street between Chester Ave and Payne Ave. The parking fee is $5.00. Click here for a map of the Cleveland State University campus.

Easter in the Cornbread Nation

There are so many different ways to approach spirituality. To me, religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell and spirituality is those of us who have already been there.

Music is my "church." The things that people cite as why they attend services are what I get from truly great music.

Here's two tracks from my buddy (and Grammy winner!) Tim O'Brien who's new release "Chameleon" is set to drop on Tuesday. This is a video clip from the TV show "Mountain Stage." The first song is "Cornbread Nation" with his son Joel ("If God had intended there to be sugar in cornbread, He would have called it 'cake.'") The second is an old traditional Appalachian hymn called "A Few More Years." Just Tim and his fiddle.

Happy Easter, y'all.

Don't forget to check out Mountain Stage on Sunday March 30th at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Ashland, KY. Another epic show featuring Tim O'Brien, Tift Merritt, Sonny Landreth, Abigail Washburn & the Sparrow Quartet and Kathy Mattea.

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50 State Blog Network Roundup

A light helping for this holiday weekend of March madness:

It's Spring Break here in our neck of North Carolina. We're Tar Heel fans, so are glued to the tube during March Madness. Unfortunately, North Carolina is in for a different type of March Madness as the Clinton and Obama campaigns descend on the state. We have a short roundup this week while many of our state bloggers take a much needed break. Enjoy!

   Steve Novick became the first Senate challenger to publically sign onto Darcy Burner's Responsible Plan for Iraq this week. The Pacific NW stands together!

   Landlord Groups think tenants activists are terrorists.

   Akron blogger Pho contributes a thoughtful essay on Obama's speech, the reaction to the speech, and the reaction to the reaction to the speech.

   Vermont citizen journalism site sued for comments posted on its site is vindicated in court, leaving a few "old media" stalwarts who had waxed excited about the prospect of a clampdown on blogs looking bad.

Why I Make Fun Of Florida and Michigan

Other than that whole angry rat thingy being the MSU mascot, and Mickey Mouse being Florida's state rodent ... those guys are election screw-up amateurs.

When it comes to sinister electioneering and just plain political rat-fucking, nobody holds a candle to the crap my former Secretary of State, Kenny Blackwell, was up to here in Ohio. Some of which only now is coming to light two years after he was thrown out of office -- four years after he arranged for Diebold to steal the election for George Bush.

Ohio's voting machines are now an official crime scene
At least 15 touch-screen voting machines that produced improbable numbers in Ohio's 2006 statewide election are now under double-lock in an official crime scene. And the phony "Homeland Security Alert" used by Republicans to build up George W. Bush's 2004 vote count in a key southwestern Ohio county has come under new scrutiny.

Fortunately we have a crack squad of newly empowered Democrats on the case who found evidence of fraud through the exhaustive process of ... trying to vote.

The touch-screen machines were locked up after Ohio's new Democratic Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, tried to vote last fall. On November 6, she spotted a gray bar with the words "candidate withdrawn" in a slot where the name of Democrat Jay Perez should have appeared. Her husband, voting nearby, told her Perez's name did appear, as it was supposed to, on his machine.

Ahah! Zee Game, she is a foot!

Ironically, Brunner requested a paper ballot in the March 4, 2008, primary, but a poorly trained poll worker gave her a provisional ballot instead. Two other staffers from her office were also given the wrong ballots. Brunner has since pledged to upgrade the training for Buckeye State poll workers.

Girl in "3:00 A.M." Ad Disapproves That Message - Video

Here is the counter-ad for Obama that the actor in Clinton's red phone ad said that she wanted to make:

Just the Right Amount of Black

Cross-posted on Pho's Akron Pages

ver the course of the week we’ve had Obama’s speech on race, and the reaction to the speech and the reaction to the reaction to the speech, and now we are starting to boil down to some meta-points. My first blush reaction was that the speech was so on target, so uplifting, that any attempt to denigrate it would be simple-minded partisan hackery. I blush to admit my naiveté, but I was genuinely shocked at the level of derision directed at Obama, post-speech.

While there has been plenty of reaction that is mere hackery1, the near broadly negative reaction on the right can’t simply be dismissed out of hand. Rather, reaction to Obama’s speech on some level is something of a Rorschach for how people view race and racism, which follows something of a left-right divide.

People who felt the speech fell short tend to believe that a white expression of racism toward blacks is exactly the same in all respects as black expression of racism toward whites. A lot of comments fall along the lines of “what if a white candidate had attended a church where the preacher preached segregation . . .?”2 Obama’s speech begins with an assumption black racism3 is not the same as White racism, and appeals more to those of us who take a more nuanced view.

Under the latter view, racism expressed by blacks is wrong, but of carries less moral and practical consequence than white racism. black racism, as explained by Obama arises from the long history of racial oppression – three centuries during which people were kidnapped from Africa to be sold as chattel, followed by another century during which their decedents were assigned to the bottom rung of a racial cast system.

White racism on the other hand perpetuates a legacy of hatred in service to centuries of oppression, oppression that for most of those centuries materially and psychically benefited the oppressors. One is a form of human weakness, meriting approbation but nonetheless understandable. The other is a legacy of, and perpetuates, a great evil.

The practical consequences of black vs. white racism are also different. Make no mistake, black racism has dire consequences. One of my classes will soon be reading Wisconsin v. Mitchell in which the state applies a hate crimes statute to black defendants who assault a white man simply because he is white. But those consequences are several orders of magnitude lower than the consequences of white racism which, again, seeks on some level to perpetuate the oppression of black Americans.
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News and Notes: Ohio Congressional Races UPDATED

I've been out of town and preoccupied, so here's some preliminary catching up on the House races:

OH-01 - House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) is helping State Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Price Hill) with fund-raising today. Hamilton County GOP Chair Alex Triantafilou seized the opportunity to bash Driehaus as "desperate" and "mortgaging his values" by reaching out to Hoyer, attacking the latter's "extreme values on abortion," support for Section 8 housing vouchers, and opposition to telecom immunity. Driehaus, a right-to-lifer running in a socially conservative district, responded that "there's a large diversity of opinion within Republicans and Democrats" and "the key to being an effective legislator is to reach out to people of differing opinons and bring people together," something the GOP doesn't understand. "It's that type of divisive attitude that keeps things from getting done," he said, and it's why he's running against Rep. Steve Chabot (R-West Wood). *** Meanwhile, Chabot raked in $120,000 on Wednesday at a fund-raiser headlined by the serial marriage vow abuser and ethically-challenged inventor of the 1994 "Contract With America," Newt Gingrich (R-GA). Ironic, since Chabot rode into office under the banner of that compact but has flouted its call for term limits in Congress. "Congressman Chabot has grown so fond of rubber-stamping the failed policies of George Bush that he's decided to try and remain in Washington indefinitely," commented ODP Chair Chris Redfern.

OH-03 - Jane Mitakides (D) has a clever fund-raising campaign based on guessing the candidate's age. Her birthday is March 24th, but she's not telling!

Her husband (who went to high school with Jane) thinks she's 50, so if you agree, click here to contribute $50. ... Daughter Katie SWEARS they are the SAME age (29) and if you agree, click here to contribute $29.

And campaign manager Patrick is convinced that someone with her knowledge and experience HAS to be at least 100. (There may be a job opening soon.) But, if you think he's right, click here to send $100. ... And, if you think they're ALL wrong, click here to enter your own guess (in dollars)!

OH-07 - Blogger Joe R of Fundamental Truths reports that the NRCC sent him a “Ohio 7th Congressional District Survey” replete with misleading (and hilarious) push-poll questions like "Do voters in Ohio’s 7th District agree with the Nancy Pelosi Democrat Majority’s decision to impose massive tax hikes on the American People?" and "Do you support the Democrats efforts to give federal government bureaucrats complete control of your health care costs and choices?" The survey ends with a request for a donation and, failing that, a payment of $11 to help pay for the survey. Let's all give Democratic candidate Sharen Neuhardt (D-Yellow Springs) a boost by donating $11 (at least) through her ActBlue page.

OH-09 - Richard Payerchin reports in the Lorain Morning Journal that Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) has announced a $1 million grant to construct train junction gates and institute a "quiet zone" in Vermilion. She worked with a grassroots group called Concerned Citizens of Vermilion and Mayor Jean Anderson on the effort. "I am pleased to honor this commitment to a more livable community," Kaptur said. "I applaud the city and its concerned citizens for working together toward a solution that will result in a safer, more peaceful community."

OH-10 - Now that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) is no longer a presidential candidate he seems to be getting more involved in working on legislation. The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest blog "Drug Wonks" reports that he is co-sponsoring H.R. 5605, the “Physicians Payments Sunshine Act of 2008," which calls for the reporting of anything considered “a transfer of value” worth more than $25 by drug companies and such to a physician. This stiff measure is intended to enable Medicare beneficiaries to determine if their doctors are acting in patients’ best interests, and to convince doctors to quit taking industry kickbacks. "If the billions of dollars drug companies spend taking doctors on trips to the Caribbean and to expensive dinners at the country’s finest restaurants are above-board, then the pharmaceutical industry should support our legislation," says sponsor Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR). "This bill will keep the pharmaceutical industry honest."

OH-12 - David Robinson (D-Columbus) gave an excellent speech at the Central Ohio Peace Network's commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war at the Statehouse Wednesday:

[S]ilence and invisibility are enemies of truthfulness, justice, human rights, and yes, peace. In the case of the Iraq war, those that precipitated it, those that would perpetuate it, seek to hide it from the public —- no taxes are paid to fund it —- and to sanitize it -- no caskets are seen to show the cost of it. They seek to hide the realities of the war in order to continue a policy that the clear majority of Americans, after sober reflection, now reject. And so it is good that we break this official silence, giving witness here and now to the will of the people.

The complete text is on his site. Robinson is an extremely intelligent, articulate, and generally impressive candidate. He is holding an organizational meeting for his campaign on Sunday at 2:00 pm.
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Clinton Campaign Pushing Wright Controversy

Chris Bowers confirms that Clinton campaign staffers in Pennsylvania are emphasizing the Pastor Wright controversy as a knock on Obama's electability. Adding to the certainty, the New York Times reports today that although Clinton is not talking about Wright openly, "some allies of Mrs. Clinton said they were privately pushing the issue with key party members to lift her candidacy" and at least one prominent surrogate, Lanny Davis, "has publicly challenged Mr. Obama to answer questions about his views on racist speech and Mr. Wright."

As far as Democrat's White House hopes go, racial strife is the nuclear option and yet Clinton's people seem determined to push the red button. I am truly baffled at the Clinton campaign's blindness to the long-term implications here.

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