OH-16: First TV Ad for Boccieri (D)

The campaign of State Sen. John Boccieri (D-New Middletown) is airing his first television ad:

It's a great introductory ad, emphasizing his service as a decorated war veteran and pledging that as a member of Congress he will "put America first" and fight "trade policies that ship our jobs overseas."

Help keep this ad on the air by contributing here.

OH-02: Black and Wulsin TV Debate

02/24/2008 - 11:00am
02/24/2008 - 12:00pm

Steve Black (D) and Victoria Wulsin (D) will debate on "The Newsmakers" on WKRC Local-12.

When: Sunday, February 24, 2008
Time: 11:00am
Where: WKRC Local-12

Video may be available after the program at www.local12.com/content/newsmakers/default.aspx

Jill of WLST on CNN Sunday!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to saying that I knew Jill Miller Zimon of WritesLikeSheTalks before she made her first appearance on CNN and went on to become a media star!

Word is she will be featured with two other bloggers in a segment on a show hosted by one-time Clevelander Tony Harris that starts at 6:30 on Sunday night. More precise details to follow.

Frances Strickland and Tom Vilsack Touring Ohio for Clinton 2/23

The Clinton campaign has announced that former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack will join Ohio First Lady Frances Strickland for a series of events across Ohio today.
Details after the flip.

Sen. McCaskill Also Stumping for Obama This Weekend

Add another high-profile surrogate to the parade of Obama supporters criss-crossing the state this weekend.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) will host “Reclaiming the American Dream” events on Sunday at 11:45 a.m. in Dayton (Montgomery County Democratic Headquarters, 131 South Wilkinson), 2:45 p.m. in Lima (American Legion Post 96 Meeting Hall, 711 South Shore Drive), and 6:00 p.m. in Delaware (Hamilton Williams Campus Center Benes Room B, Ohio Wesleyan University).

SEIU's Stern and Newark Mayor Booker in Ohio for Obama This Weekend

Word just in of two high-profile surrogates visiting Ohio to stump for Barack Obama this weekend.

Andy Stern, president of the 1.9 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), will make multiple Ohio campaign stops tomorrow, building upon his organization's endorsement. First he will help kick off an Obama canvass with Congressman John Conyers in Cleveland (9:45 a.m. at 1771 East 30th St.) and then he will visit with health care workers at nursing home (10:30 a.m. at University Manor Nursing Home, 2186 Ambleside Rd.) and a hospital (11:30 a.m. at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, 2351 East 22nd Street). At 1:30 in the afternoon he will host a Community Gathering for SEIU workers at the SEIU Union Hall, 3657 Belmont Ave. in Youngstown.

The SEIU represents 35,000 workers in Ohio, and it’s a member of the Change to Win Federation, a group of labor organizations that also includes the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Change to Win endorsed Obama Thursday. The 1.3 million-member UFCW has 69,000 members in Ohio, while the Teamsters have 60,000.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will visit services at the First Church of God and Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Columbus and the Omega Baptist Church in Dayton on Sunday morning. In the afternoon he will host a community meet-and-greet at 1:00 p.m. at The Golden Nugget, 2932 South Dixie Drive in Kettering, and then at 4:00 p.m. a forum for students at Central State University in the New Educational Building, 1400 Brush Row Rd. in Wilberforce.

Breakfast with Obama Foreign Policy Team in Cincy 2/26

02/26/2008 - 8:30am
02/26/2008 - 10:00am

The Foreign Policy Leadership Council & The 500 Club invite you and your guests to an Insider's Breakfast with Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Advisory Team in Cincinnati on Tuesday, February 26th.
Details after the flip.

Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati Saturday 2/23

02/23/2008 - 9:00am
02/23/2008 - 10:00am

Hillary Clinton will hold a Town Hall Meeting in Cincinnati tomorrow morning, Saturday 2/23. Event details after the break.

Strickland vs. Husted Showdown on Energy Re-Regulation

Gov. Ted Strickland (D) has a reputation for trying to work across the aisle, but when he feels the need he can be fierce. He isn't pleased about the delay and obfuscation perpetrated on his energy bill by Ohio House Leader Jon Husted (R-Kettering), and he's fighting back.

Why does this matter? Under deregulation that passed in 1999, the electricity market is scheduled to go completely unregulated at the end of 2008. But the competitive market envisioned years ago never developed, so power companies will operate as unregulated monopolies if an energy bill is not passed. That means that your utility bills will likely soar.

Months ago, Governor Strickland introduced Senate Bill 221, legislation that calls for re-regulation. It would protect Ohio consumers and businesses from soaring electricity prices while improving our environment and creating jobs. The bill passed in the Ohio Senate 32-0, but Husted has been stalling passage in the Ohio House.

Here's how you can help. First, watch Ted on YouTube as he spells out the situation:

Second, sign the petition to tell your elected representatives to support Strickland's plan and protect Ohio consumers and businesses from unregulated electricity prices.

h/t Brian & Progress-Ohio.

Rasmussen Ohio Poll: Clinton Under 50%

A new Ohio poll from Rasmussen Reports shows Barack Obama cutting Hillary Clinton's lead from 14 points about one week ago to just eight, and Clinton now under 50% (figures in parens are from 2/13):

Clinton 48% (51%)
Obama 40% (37%)

Twelve percent are undecided, and another 17% say they may yet change their minds.

The big shift since the last Rasmussen poll is among male voters:

Clinton leads by twenty points among women. That’s little changed from a week ago. However, in the previous poll, Clinton also held the advantage among men. Now, she trails Obama by ten among male voters. Clinton does better among lower-income voters and older voters.

Interestingly, 82% say that Clinton is at least somewhat likely to win the White House if nominated, compared to 75% for Obama.

In other Rasmussen polls, Clinton leads Obama by just three points in Texas, and their daily national tracking poll now shows Obama leading Clinton by three points, 44% to 41%, slightly less than Obama had been leading in the preceding three days.

"Sick Days Ohio" Coalition is On The Move

The movement to establish a right to paid sick days under Ohio Law is really picking up momentum.

All eyes are on Ohio for the presidential primary, and both Clinton and Obama support paid sick days as mandated by the Ohio Healthy Families Act.

On Wednesday, Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted (R) relented to pressure from coalition members at a "town hall" style meeting at the Miami Township Government Center and agreed to assign the bill to a House Committee and to hold at least one hearing on the legislation, and more if necessary. (See video of the meeting at the Sick Days Ohio web site.) Ohio's legislators get paid by taxpayers if they take an hour or even a few days off to care for a loved one who gets sick, but had been stonewalling the paid sick days bill.

The movement has a big lobbying day coming up at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus on Tuesday, March 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Coalition members and hardworking Ohioans come from across the state will urge their elected representatives to pass the Ohio Healthy Families Act. You are invited to join the movement and help support this important cause. Please RSVP to aaron@sickaysohio.org so that they can schedule a meeting with your elected representatives.

If the General Assembly fails to pass the legislation, coalition members are ready, willing and able to get the signatures we need to put this on the November ballot, and the political will to make paid sick days THE issue across Ohio as legislators face the voters.

Bill Clinton in Bowling Green 2/24

02/24/2008 - 4:15pm
02/24/2008 - 5:15pm

Bill Clinton will host a "Solutions for America" rally for Hillary Clinton at 4:15 p.m. at the Bowling Green Community Center, 1245 W Newton Road in Bowling Green. No tickets are required for this event.

50 State Blog Network Roundup

Rick Renzi's under indictment, Sue Myrick gets caught with her fingers in the cookie jar - possibly legally, Patrick McHenry has questions surrounding just about everything he does, John Shadegg can't make up his mind. How many more Republicans will get caught up in legal or ethical controversies prior to November? One way to stay on top of this is to follow along with the state blogs. We're discussing our congress critters and their shenanigans long before it hits the national scene. Stop by. Check us out. You too can be the first to know. Here's your roundup for the week:

New Mexico
   Republican Senate candidate Steve Pearce says legalizing same sex marriage will lead to legalized pedophilia. Classy.

   The California Yachting association wants you to call the California Republican Party and thank them for not taxing your yachts!

Continued after the break.

Obama Campaign Office in Sandusky; Actress Regina King Visits Tomorrow 2/23

The Obama campaign is not about to repeat the Kerry '04 mistake of limiting its focus to a few urban counties. They are setting up shop all over the state.

The campaign has just opened an office in Sandusky to serve Erie, Ottawa, Huron, Sandusky, and Seneca Counties. It is located at 2741 Milan Road, which is the corner of Rt. 250 and Perkins Avenue, just north of Balconi Monument.

The office is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the contact number is 419-708-8539. Ask for Kristen Psaki. They have signs, literature, and are already getting lots of people stopping by. "We are excited to have the campaign recognize the importance of this area," writes Obama campaign staffer Lisa Cherry Dewey.

The Sandusky campaign staff are planning a canvass for tomorrow, Saturday Feb.23rd, and actress Regina King (pictured) is flying in from California to rally the troops. Ms. King has been in many movies including Boyz N the Hood, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Jerry Maguire, Enemy of the State, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, and Ray.

John McCain Gets Hard On Lobbyists (TGIF Joke edition)

The New York Times says that John McCain had a close, personal relationship with a beautiful, young, female lobbyist. Do you believe this? Think about it. A senator, who’s a Republican having sex with a woman. -Jay Leno

They say this woman works for the telecommunications lobby. Apparently, she called McCain out of the blue and asked, “Are you happy with your current sex provider?” -Jay Leno

Tough day for John McCain. But don’t worry — all the sex happened before there was video. - Craig Ferguson

The New York Times said McCain had an affair years ago. I think it was with Joan of Ark. -Craig Ferguson

Apparently, John McCain had an affair with a lobbyist from a telecommunications company. He was roaming on nights and weekends. -Craig Ferguson

And some clever one liners from across the blogosphere:

The wheels are off the Pillow Talk Express! - Joseph Hughes

We know that the McCain Camp went to the mattresses - - Josh Marshall

I hope these put a smile on your face, enjoy the weekend.

Obama at University of Toledo 2/24

02/24/2008 - 2:00pm
02/24/2008 - 4:00pm

Mark Ingles, President of the BGSU College Democrats, reports that Barack Obama will be in Toledo this Sunday at University of Toledo's Savage Hall. Doors open at 2 p.m. Even though this venue seats about 9,000 you would want to get there early (about 12 or 1 pm) to ensure a seat. Preferred seating tickets are available by going to the City Grill located at 421 N. Huron St. in downtown Toledo from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Silliness Indeed

CNN picks up on Hillary's borrowed lines:

Wouldn't it be great if all of the stations suddenly started to discuss the candidates policy proposals with the same vigor?

Hillary Clinton in Columbus and Toledo Today (2/22), Cincy and Huber Hts Tomorrow

Hillary Clinton will hold "Solutions for America" events in Columbus and Toledo on February 22nd and in Cincinnati and Huber Heights on February 23rd.
Event details after the flip.

Interfaith Symposium on Climate Change, Columbus 3/15

03/15/2008 - 1:00pm
03/15/2008 - 4:00pm

A newly forming non-profit, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, will host a public symposium to gather people of faith around the issue of climate change. The program will be held on Saturday, March 15, 2008, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Broad Street Presbyterian Church, 760 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. Everyone is welcome. There will be a freewill offering taken during the event.
More information after the break.

Michelle Obama in Cleveland - Photos and Audio

It was an excited and emotional crowd at the University Center at Cleveland State University to hear Michelle Obama. About a thousand people filled the ground floor of the atrium, packed an exposed staircase, and lined the railings of walkways on five upper levels.

I talked to several students while waiting for the program to start. Catharine, a law student, had made a "Hope" sign that she said went with her hat. She said that she likes Obama because of the way that he "engages the process" and how he "is building a progressive majority," which she has never seen in her lifetime. On the issues, she says that she could go with either candidate, although she doesn't agree with them about everything. An undergraduate named Sarah told me that she is very conservative and came to learn about the other side. She wants to be well-rounded, but was not there to change her opinions. She said that Obama's rhetoric about getting beyond red states and blue states seems far-fetched to her because his positions seem so different from hers on the issues, but in the long term she would like to see that sort of thing happen. Another undergraduate, Vanessa, said she likes Obama because he doesn't take money from business lobbyists, and because he is sincere and is good on education and health care. Supporting a presidential candidate is a new experience for her. It is not difficult to for her to support Obama over a candidate who is a woman, but if Hillary Clinton is the nominee "that would be fine."

Alex of the Obama for America campaign warmed up the crowd by encouraging supporters to vote early and getting everyone with a cell phone to text "OH" to 62262, which enables the campaign to send text message updates.

Ohio Democratic Congressional Fund Raising Pre-primary

This was a short reporting period covering 01/01/2008 through 02/13/2008. Incumbents are designated with an asterisk(*). Please see notes at bottom of chart.

If you don't see a candidate listed here, it is because I could not find a report. Candidates who don't raise or spend over $5,000 are not required to file reports. Reports from those below that limit are voluntary.

Name District
Cash on Hand
Debts or note
Steve Driehaus OH-01
Steve Black OH-02
see note
Victoria Wulsin OH-02
Jane Mitakides OH-03
$50,000 personal
Charlie Wilson* OH-06
Dave Woolever OH-07
See note
Bill Conner OH-07
Debts $10,500.00
Sharen Neuhardt OH-07
Marcy Kaptur* OH-09
Barbara Ferris OH-10
Joe Cimperman OH-10
Tom O'Grady OH-10
Rosemary Palmer OH-10
$106,359.00 self
Dennis Kucinich* OH-10
Stephanie Tubbs Jones* OH-11
see note
Betty Sutton* OH-13
$13,000 PAC
Bill O'Neill OH-14
Mary Jo Kilroy OH-15
$62,464.80 see note
John Boccieri OH-16
Tim Ryan* OH-17
Zack Space* OH-18

1. Dave Woolever gave his campaign a loan of $5,000.00 and has $12,800 in other obligations.
2. Zack Space returned $4,800 in contributions. Of that total, $1,700 was from a contribution that was over limit and $3,100 was from two lobbyists.
3. Rosemary Palmer made loans to her campaign of $106,359.00
4. Mary Jo Kilroy loaned her campaign $35,000.00 and owes $27,464.80 in legal fees.
5. The filing from the campaign of Stephanie Tubbs Jones lists a disbursement of $3,500 noted as "FEC fine, audit 2005/2006 election cycle." In addition, her report lists the cost of sending staffers to an FEC required compliance seminar. These are ordered by the FEC as a condition of settling campaign finance complaints. On May 3, 2004, her campaign settled a complaint from the FEC with a fine of $2,500. It should also be noted that she spent has spent significant time and money campaigning on behalf of Senator Clinton as well as a $2,000 donation.
6. An FEC report states that Steve Black donated $195,000.00 to his campaign on 2/15/2008. However, this contribution is not reflected in his filing (closing date 2/1/308) which lists a balance of $58,320.00 from a loan he made to his campaign in June of last year.

Debate Highlights: Obama on Changing Washington; Clinton on Her Most Challenging Moment

This, I thought, was a key answer by Barack Obama in last night's debate. Saying that Clinton's argument portrayed his supporters as "somehow delusional" was very effective, and he returned it to his core message of changing how things are done in Washington:

The Hillary Clinton campaign has identified the following as a "remarkable moment"

OH-07: Neuhardt (D) Gains DDN/Springfield Sun Endorsement

In a significant boost for attorney Sharen Swartz Neuhardt (D-Yellow Springs) in a crowded field of six Democratic contenders, the Dayton Daily News and Springfield Sun have endorsed her, writing that she is "the most promising candidate" with the "most sophisticated understanding of the race," and has "come to terms with the need to raise a lot of money." The editors continue that she "has learned the specific issues confronting Springfield" and "has a good feel for the importance of a regional cooperation and for the importance of the 7th District (which includes Greene County) to Dayton." They note that Neuhardt voted for retiring Rep. Dave Hobson (R-Springfield) over challenger Bill Conner (D-Beavercreek) in 2006, and characterize that vote as suggesting "that she has a connection with voters the Democrats are going to need."

The newspapers also endorsed front-runner State Sen. Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) on the GOP side, but did so with strong reservations, writing that he "has no compelling record" and that Hobson "did not serve his district well" in promoting Austria as his successor.

I spoke briefly with Neuhardt about her campaign on the telephone today. She has put together an impressive operation, hiring ODP finance director Jim Alexee as her campaign manager and also a full-time volunteer coordinator. She is sending out demographically targeted mailings and conducting an extensive phonebanking operation. Probably most impressive, she recognizes that this race will require serious money (in the area of $2 million) and she is seriously committed to raising it. She impresses me as a credible candidate with a genuine commitment to running a strong race for this open seat.

ABC/WaPo Poll: Clinton Leads in Ohio by 7 Points

A new poll just released by ABC News and the Washington Post shows Clinton and Obama virtually tied in Texas, 48% to 47%, and Clinton leading in Ohio by 7 points, 50% to 43%. The poll has a margin of error of 4 points.

In Ohio, more respondents think Obama can beat McCain in the fall than Clinton, by 48% to 37%. However, Clinton is seen by more as the strongest leader, 53% to 36%. Clinton leads among white women 64% to 29% and among white men 52% to 49%, while Obama leads among black voters 81% to 17%.

Online Survey - 2008 Presidential Election (Ohio)


I am conducting an online survey among Democratic voters in Ohio regarding the 2008 Presidential race. If you have a few minutes, would you mind taking the survey and/or forwarding to other Ohio voters? The survey primarily targets the Democratic base; however, Republicans and Independents can also take this survey. You will not be required to identify yourself to take the survey, however, you are given the option to do so at the end of the survey if you want to get involved or participate in future surveys.

Note: Because this survey primarly targets the Democratic Base, the results cannot be projected to the Ohio's voting population with statistical certainty. However, I hope the survey provides some useful "directional" information about the overall attitudes and candidate preferences in this state.

Click Here to take survey



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