Joe Vardon's latest article

Joe Vardon's latest article calls into question Ed FitzGeralds' latest campaign e-mail. Joe's article can be found here:

The e-mail from the FitzGerald campaign discloses that his eldest son Jack, in the last day or so, was re-affirmed as cancer free. Apparently, some conditions surfaced where Jack had to be tested again. He had been diagnosed and then delcared cancer free in a previous time.

I have to say what I got out of the e-mail was that he was telling me where he's been in the last couple of days. In the last couple of days his campaign has gone silent. I was getting pretty upset about it. As Joe, and his reporter colleagues were beating up on him, I was stunned there was zero response from his campaign. This explains it to me. I had thought FitzGerald's entire campaign had given up.

In Joe's article, he tries to state that Ed FitzGerald's kids have been kept out of the campaign. That's completely false. When FitzGerald announced he was running for Governor, the only people on stage with him were his wife and kids. I mean there's a picture of this on his Facebook page. I've seen plenty of tweets from his campaign of him and his kids. I think the dispatch may have run some pictures of them. I get Joe's point. But there is another side - - and I'm offering it. Joe's article kind of makes him look like he's desperate for dirt and if I was FitzGerald's campaign I'd ask for some corrections.

Are the Plain Dealer - and Columbus Dispatch - out of ammo? -...

I could regret writing this, but this tweet from Henry Gomez...

What he's saying is, he's wondering if Dems will start attacking each other and push Ed FitzGerald off the ballot. This would of course mean - automatic victory and re-election for John Kasich. Is one of the reasons Henry Gomez/The Plain Dealer want Democrats to turn on each other, is because after months of negative dirty articles the Plain Dealer has written, they have nothing new? They're going to be forced to try to run the same stories over and over about FitzGerald. Would the public start tuning them out then, and their stories become stale?

And keep in mind there was this tweet by a fellow reporter that seems to confirm all the Plain Dealer and Dispatch was running was dirt.

I don't know, I could be wrong. And who knows where Democratic insiders are concerning FitzGerald. They might want to take this into consideration though.

Great post at Plunderbund about Toledo's water crisis -...

Leatra Harper, Managing Director for the FreshWater Accountability Project guest posted at Plunderbund. Her story took the Toledo water crisis as a chance to look deeper into Gov. John Kasich's abysmal water policies. She starts...

"After over 400,000 people were without safe drinking water for over two days in one of Ohio’s largest cities, did anyone feel any better after Governor Kasich’s statement during his obligatory visit to Toledo: “What’s more important than water? Water’s about life.”

Plain, simple, true, and grossly misleading. Because those who know the facts of what is happening in Ohio can clearly see that Governor Kasich does not care about the water. What Kasich cares about is Kasich, getting re-elected, and pleasing his corporate sponsors to fulfill his political aspirations.

One doesn’t have to look too deeply to find the truth about how little the Governor cares about Ohio’s water. Instead of slowing the onslaught of the destructive, temporary and toxic industry of horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking) that is destroying millions of gallons a day of Ohio’s freshwater, Governor Kasich has allowed Ohio to become the dumping ground of choice for the fracking industry operating in Ohio and other states, which can pollute and radioactively poison even larger amounts of Ohio’s surface and ground water."

Entire story can be found here:

Please do click through - - it's well worth the read.

Plain Dealer stirs the pot - ...

This tweet...

What Henry's saying is, he hopes Dems start attacking one another. He's looking for an intra-party war. I guess we'll see...

(I have to add I did not get the tone Henry Gomez is trying to infer when I read the article. I thought Ted Strickland gave an honest assessment and even offered some hope for the race)

Henry Gomez - what is that rule?...

Henry Gomez, what is that rule? That rule. I seem to recall there is a rule. A rule in... A rule in journalism. What was it? Had to do with sources... sources. Hmm...

Oh, I know, it was the two sources rule. When dealing with facts, you should have not one, but at least two sources confirming them. Hmm...

When you ran your most recent "story" how many witnesses were confirming what you wrote? One? Was it just one? Just one huh. Should you really have had the story published? (see below for story I'm referring to)

I decided to do a little research on some basic rules of journalism. I don't know, I guess I wanted to help you out; cause it seems like you're having some trouble. What I found was pretty interesting...

So we have this, from Mediahelpingmedia (

"1: Are you preventing thorough fact-checking?
The first obstacle to accurate fact-checking could be you. Do you have a vested interest in the topic, as opposed to a genuine journalistic interest?"

Bwhahaha!!! Yeah, Henry. It most certainly could be you.

"Are you investigating the situation because you have a desired outcome in mind? Are you trying to make the facts fit a headline you have already prepared in your head?"

HAHAHAHA!!! You might have broken this rule too.

"If so, you may have compromised your objectivity which will make it difficult to produce a piece of journalism that is strictly factual."

ROFL!!!! Send this to Joe Vardon - Please!

And of course they cover this...

"2: The two reliable sources rule"

I like how they added reliable. I'm guessing with that, it'll make it impossible for you to follow.

I also checked the Society of Professional Journalists site. Right at the beginning...

"Journalists should:

Henry Gomez - backpedals - ...

Henry Gomez's latest muckraking alleges the witness who spotted Ed FitzGerald, in a car, with a women who was not his wife, at 4:30 am is stating that Ed FitzGerald got out of the backseat of the car when police arrived. The witness, Casey Hager, also stated that the woman FitzGerald was with was wearing a man's sports jacket or similar item. (As I write that, who cares? I've offered my suit jacket many times to women who I've had not an "official" relationship with. When I did it, I thought I was being a gentleman.)

Casey Hager has been well advised. It's interesting that his new statements came not directly from him, but from an attorney who he "hired." It's a little strange and shows some premeditation and planning by more than just him. I wonder who all is involved with this?

After Henry Gomez wrote his story, he had to add this...

"A private investigator visited Hager last month to discuss the Westlake incident, Demer said. But the investigator did not identify who he was working for and did not mention that police had reported that FitzGerald was in the car that morning."


Translation, Hager, may have told a different story to the PI. If this is true, it's going to make Henry Gomez look really really bad.

WOW - and just as I'm writing this a new story emerges that disputes Hager's. I'm going to enjoy writing my next post...

Joe Vardon - how many illegal appointments has John Kasich made?...

[Correction: I don't think Ed FitzGerald has a misdemeanor for driving without a license. He may have had a speeding ticket. He mentioned getting one in another story. But I can't wait for the story about j-walking violations someone alluded to. I guessing with the Dispatch it'll be front page news]

It's good Joe Vardon wants to highlight the times Ohio's gubernatorial candidates have broken the law. Ed FitzGerald has a misdemeanor for driving without a license...

With Rick Hodges, John Kasich, has made how many illegal appointments? You know, there's been so many, I've lost track.

Aww... Reporters - Henry Gomez - Joe Vardon - Joe Guillen - can't take criticism, but they can dish it - ...

It's good to know the market system works. There's amazing competition among news papers these days and it's just leading to a better and better product. Oh wait, no, ya'll write the same thing - - really, what is the difference between the Plain Dealer, Columbus Dispatch, Free Press?...

Henry Gomez - goes nuts - ...

Henry Gomez's latest "story" about Ed FitzGerald consists of nothing but a series of bizarre questions. ( Many of the questions are laid out in almost birther fashion attempting to draw the reader to preconceived conclusions. At times they almost seem hysterical and it made wonder why didn't he ask...

On the night in question, did Ed FitzGerald drive the speed limit?

Maybe he was 2 or 3 MPHs over the speed limit?

Did he use his blinker when making turns?

There was a burglary on the east side of Cleveland, maybe this was all cover for that?

Could have it been Ohio Republican Chair Matt Borges in the car?

Are Ed FitzGerald and Matt Borges having some secret gay affair and this is all cover it?

Is Ed FitzGerald a secret Kenyan Muslim socialist implanted in our political system to exact revenge on America for colanlism?

You know... I was in Avon Lake not that long ago, and someone's car door hit mine while I was in a restaurant. Was that Henry Gomez? How do I know it was not?

Was Henry Gomez drunk when he wrote his article? How do I know he wasn't? He's tweeted looking a beer selections. He says he likes IPAs!

Was Ed FitzGerald possibly the second gunman on the grass knoll?

Are we sure when we see Ed FitzGerald, it's really Ed FitzGerald, and not some body double?

He hasn't refuted any of this! We just don't know! Benghazi!!!

[Repost] With Toledo water ban lifted - here are symptoms of toxic algae poising - in case they are wrong - ...

[This post didn't take to all of our links and feeds. So I'm reposting, because I think it's important]

The Toledo water ban has been lifted. The mayor states the water is safe to drink - for now. I found some symptoms of toxic algae poising via Think Progress in case they are wrong. Please note that animals, dogs and cats, are very susceptible to the toxins and could easily die if ingested.

"The increases in algae, called “algae blooms”, are poisonous if consumed — causing abnormal liver function, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, numbness, and dizziness.

Along with the dangers of ingesting the toxin, the algae also causes skin rashes and burns when touched"


I have to add that I'm absolutely disgusted that I couldn't find this information on any Ohio news site. The Ohio Department of Health doesn't seem to have the information either. I guess it's, because were in an "era of good feeling!"

Joe Guillen - seems to confirm Henry Gomez's story on Ed FitzGerald - was nothing more than dirty hit job - ...

When Henry Gomez ( broke his most recent story about Ed FitzGerald he had to defend himself that it wasn't dirty tabloid journalism. Today, in a developing argument on twitter involving the three meat-heads of Ohio journalism, Henry Gomez, Joe Guillen (a former Plain Dealer reporter but still weighs in on things), and Joe Vardon, they began berating Brian Hester like they always do, Joe Guillen tweeted this...

The story was nothing but dirt huh, Joe?

With Toledo water ban lifted - here are symptoms of toxic algae poising - in case they are wrong - ...

The Toledo water ban has been lifted. The mayor states the water is safe to drink - for now. I found some symptoms of toxic algae poising via Think Progress in case they are wrong. Please note that animals, dogs and cats, are very susceptible to the toxins and could easily die if ingested.

"The increases in algae, called “algae blooms”, are poisonous if consumed — causing abnormal liver function, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, numbness, and dizziness.

Along with the dangers of ingesting the toxin, the algae also causes skin rashes and burns when touched"


I have to add that I'm absolutely disgusted that I couldn't find this information on any Ohio news site. The Ohio Department of Health doesn't seem to have the information either. I guess it's, because were in an "era of good feeling!"

John Kasich - visits Toledo - fails to mention he's the head of the Ohio EPA and promises no action...

John Kasich went to Toledo over the weekend. I have no idea why. He meandered around. I guess he attended a meeting or two. He tried to tell people things were getting better...

Is this the "Era of good feeling" John Kasich has been talking about? Or maybe "Ohio Miracle!"

What John Kasich did not do is promise any action from the Ohio EPA - - an agency he's ultimately in charge of. He's promised no expediting of water testing - - he seems to want to believe that the agency does not exist.

This is how John Kasich responds to a crisis? A guy who's thinking about running for president?

The Ohio media of course has not called him out on this. Neither has a single Ohio Democrat. Do we really have to wonder why things like this happen?

Toledo's water crisis is the heart of what the 2014 election cycle is about...

Over half a million people are without usable water in the Toledo area. Caring about them and wanting to find solutions so this doesn't happen again is not wrong. What would be wrong is to remain silent and let the problem get even worse.

What happened in Toledo is a complete failure of conservative polices. Privatization - no regulation - denial of climate change - hatred of the EPA and other environmental advocates - all of these kooky thoughts and polices has made part of one of the largest bodies of fresh water unusable.

Other than David Pepper, who has been a rock star in responding to the crisis, the overall response by Ohio Democrats has been abysmal. Are they afraid about getting criticized for caring that half a million people are without water? Are they so meek they couldn't defend themselves? In reality, who would be so low as to criticize someone for wanting to help in this situation? To scream "politicising" would be the cries of a chicken.

And why shouldn't Democrats talk about the policies behind this crisis? What's wrong with Democrats informing people about how they've fighting for policies that would help prevent crisis like these? Isn't that the heart of an election?

Did John Kasich avoid talking about economic issues, because it was crisis? No. He used it to highlight specific policy differences. Why shouldn't John Kasich and the Republicans be held responsible for what they've done? What happened to accountability? John Kasich and the Republicans dominate state government and they've done nothing to address this issue. In actuality, they've passed polices that would exacerbate the situation.

Tepid cowerdice Democrats... Why can't they understand, facts are facts? The truth is the truth. If they can't figure out how to run on that, then they shouldn't run.

New Voices Cleveland Calls Out Ohio Right to Life for Racist Billboards

One of the most bizarre tacks taken by some "Right to Life" groups is campaigns in usually poor African-American neighborhoods, trying to tell women that their right to choose to have an abortion is equivalent to "genocide" or suggesting that a woman being able to make her own choice about when and whether to have a child is somehow aligned to women under slavery NOT being allowed to make that choice. Ohio Right to Life is currently running a billboard campaign in black neighborhoods, attempting to shame black women out of having an abortion if they feel it's the right choice for them.

Such campaigns, of course, insult black women's right to make choices for their own lives. And the overwhelmingly white, mostly male, right to life movement trying to tell black women what to do with their bodies has an unpleasant historical resonance.

There are a lot of levels of weird to such a billboard campaign. For one thing, some of the same right wingers who campaign against abortion also fret about the U.S.'s inexorable trend to becoming a minority country. Some have talked about the need to have more white babies to make up for the number of black and Hispanic babies being born. But you don't see them erecting billboards in affluent white parts of the state urging women not to have abortions. Yet those are the women who will always be able to get them, even if they're banned, and they will do so if they feel it improves quality of life for themselves and their families. In many cases, black women, especially working class and poor ones (as well as poor and working class white women) are already banned from having this "choice" by the unnecessary obstacles erected by the state to have this safe, legal procedure.

Doesn't look like a single Ohio Republican staff member has tweeted about Toledo water crisis

As of this post, it doesn't look like a single Ohio Republican staff member or an active party supporter has tweeted a thing about Toledo's water crisis. Ohio chairman Matt Borges has tweeted nothing. There's nothing from the spokesman. Affiliate groups like the Young Republicans and college Republicans have tweeted nothing. General bloggers and other active commentators have written nothing. They are still entertaining one another about Ed FitzGerald.

I'm sure they're doing all of this, because they're so: Pro-life. Speaking of which, has Michael Gonidakis, the head of Ohio's pro-life group tweeted anything? Nope. Here's his last tweet...

Sanctity of Life!

Children and the elderly are most vulnerable to the toxins from toxic algae blooms. There's a higher chance they could die from ingesting the toxins. Republicans care... yeah, sure they do.

While the Plain Dealer peddles gutter politics, they're slow to report 400,000 people in Toledo have no water...

This is pathetic - - while the Plain Dealer decided to peddle what is looking like a hit on Ed FitzGerald and his campaign for governor, they practically miss a critical developing story. The story being that toxic algae blooms have become so bad in the Toledo area, the city has had to issue a ban on the drinking water. Toxic algae blooms are caused mainly by chemical runoff from farms. Their toxins can cause liver damage in people.

Read this from

"TOLEDO, OHIO — Toxins possibly from algae on Lake Erie fouled the water supply of the state's fourth-largest city Saturday, forcing officials to issue warnings not to drink the water and the governor to declare a state of emergency as worried residents descended on stores, quickly clearing shelves of bottled water.

"It looked like Black Friday," said Aundrea Simmons, who stood in a line of about 50 people at a pharmacy before buying four cases of water. "I have children and elderly parents. They take their medication with water."

The city advised about 400,000 residents in Toledo, most of its suburbs and a few areas in southeastern Michigan not to brush their teeth with or boil the water because that would only increase the toxin's concentration. Showers and baths are fine, the mayor said.

Read more here:

People's health is in danger and the Plain Dealer still has their slanderous article in the headline spot on That's how desperate they are to slime Ed FitzGerald's campaign.

Why hasn't the Plain Dealer done more reporting about this issue in the past? If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, the toxic algae blooms are here also.

And why hasn't John Kasich done more about this issue? It was well known and he's had years to try to address it.

[UPDATE]...Did Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges delete a tweet?...

[John Spinelli, had the date wrong concerning the tweet referenced below. Matt Borges tweeted his message on June 13. It's still there and I'm reposting it here.]

John Spinelli, has a good write-up about a new attack Ohio Republicans have unloaded on Ed FitzGerald. His write-up can be found here:

He starts his story off with a quote he says is from Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges's twitter feed. Spinelli states the quote was sent on June 30, from Matt Borges, and it said...

"It’s time to come clean w family, friends & taxpayers. It will be better for you in the long run."

That's some pretty ominous stuff foretelling that the Republicans were working on an attack and heading towards the gutter.

I checked Matt Borges's twitter feed and I couldn't find the tweet. If he deleted it - it was a wise thing to do. It would be interesting to know if anyone got a screenshot of the tweet or had also seen it.

Hypocrite Henry Gomez: where are the pictures of Heather Brandt and Laura Johnson?

I was so right. I wrote in a post on June 9, 2014 how Henry Gomez grossly down plays Republican controversy, but would, at the hint of any wrong doing with a Democrat, go nuclear, and post every tidbit of information to shame and humiliate anyone even closely involved. Here's a quote from my post...

"This is the kind of story that would be intolerable if these people were Democrats. Their pictures would be on the front page of both the Plain Dealer and Columbus Dispatch. There'd be no excuse for Mary Taylor not to know where her chief of staff was."

Background on this quote can be found here:

Today such a story did surface. It involved Ed FitzGerald the Ohio Democratic nominee for Governor. It was reported that he was found in a car by police at 4:30 am with a woman who was not his wife. Just as I predicted, Henry Gomez went nuts. He's apparently made phone call after phone looking for any negative sound bite he can get. And voila, just as I had written, within hours of the story breaking Henry Gomez tweeted this...

Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon's uber bias on full display...

When news broke that Lt. Governor Mary Taylor's chief of staff and another employee were fudging time sheets Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon did everything they could to ignore the story. A major scandal in the Kasich/Taylor administration, it's still difficult, to this day, to understand how Mary Taylor was unaware of where her chief of staff was.

Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon's lack of interest in the story was so bad, I actually had to write a post titled: Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon attempt to ignore story. That post can be found here:

In the post I wrote how if it was a Democrat, Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon would be relentless in reporting information.

Today we have undeniable proof that I was right and that there are two vastly different standards of how Henry Gomez and Joe Vardon go about reporting controversies.

The proof?...

Today it was reported that Ed FitzGerald, the Democrat running for Governor was found by police two years ago in a parked car at 4:30 am with a women who was not his wife. Within record time Henry Gomez, the unbelievably biased "journalist" that he is, had a complete story posted on that essentially convicted Ed FitzGerald. The story can be found here...

Within hours Ed FitaGerald had to do a press conference. Where is Mary Taylor's press conference. We're all still waiting.

Ed FitzGerald, his wife, and the woman he was found with have all released statement stating there is no controversy.

Photos from Family Unity in the Park

Here are some photos of Family Unity in the Park in Cleveland this past Saturday. You can see how hard all our candidates were working and how much fun people were having. Connie Pillich, David Pepper, and John Patrick Carney were all there, and state representative Sandra Williams spoke for Nina Turner. Connie's presentation was especially strong. She quickly segued from talking about the treasurers office, a pretty dry subject, to talking about voter rights and people trying to keep you from voting — something that resonated with an almost all black crowd like this one. And when she mentioned Josh Mandel in passing, there was a smattering of boos in the crowd. I swear it wasn't me!

We'll start with a photo of everyone's favorite subject: cats.





DeWine "Missteps"


*Democrat David Pepper, running to replace Mike DeWine, campaigns at Family Unity in the Park in Cleveland*

Hilarious headline in Crain’s Cleveland business.

“Mike DeWine takes a rare political misstep.”


DeWine’s entire term has been a series of political missteps. He walks into his office each morning and steps in it.

Progress Ohio has been documenting his record of overt cronyism, which only seems to matter to Ohio media when Democrats do it. (Go here to check out their “Cronygate” project.)

But this latest scandal is the most egregious — certainly worse tenfold than anything Marc Dann did that got him run out of the AG office, with everyone in Ohio acting like he was the worst elected official in Ohio history.

In soliciting bids for a company to do collections, DeWine tapped a company, formed by one of his donor/cronies a mere two days before a request of proposals was put out, over experienced companies. This brand new company didn’t have licenses to operate outside Ohio and had to turn those cases back to the AG’s office. Now it appears that their score was “adjusted” to equal that of the more experienced firms.

And, as the Dayton Daily News has outlined, DeWine routinely met with debt collection attorneys, vendors and lobbyists who had tight political ties to DeWine — and made large contributions to him or people associated with him as the selection process was going on. The paper, one of the few left in Ohio that still does valuable investigative work, lays it all out.

John Boehner's Singing the Impeachment Blues

Politicians’ Tears

Oh, poor John Boehner! The beloved (?) congressman from Ohio’s eighth district and speaker of the House of Representatives is all upset. And not just because his golf game got rained out.

He is in the process of leading Congress to sue President Obama claiming he overstepped his powers. They voted to do so today.

Leaving aside the absurdity of Congress SUING the President, there’s his top reason: because of a glitch in the Affordable Care Act, the President delayed the start of a provision. Yes, this is the same Affordable Care Act that Boehner and his party did not want to take effect at ALL, the one he called “worthless” and said should be entirely repealed. And now he’s claiming to be upset because the President delayed one of its provisions taking effect. Don’t look for logic here!

Now, as I said, suing the President is a weird kind of charade. If you (meaning Boehner and Congress) really truly think the President is usurping power in an unprecedented way (he isn’t), impeach him. And there has been a drumbeat of fringe — or maybe not so fringe, considering many of them are elected congresspersons — individuals suggesting just that.

Needless to say, the Democratic Party and all its various fundraising arms have leapt on this with extravagant glee. If you are on any off their mailing lists, surely you’ve been getting the emails with the over-the-top subject headers: “Historic Vote,” “BREAKING: IMPEACHMENT,” “TRAGIC conclusion” — and yes, mostly in all caps.

A typical one said,

Fraternal Order of Police Ohio Endorses 4 of 5 Statewide Democratic Challengers

Apparently, the Ohio's Fraternal Order of Police doesn't think too much of a governor who called one of their brothers an "idiot" for stopping him for failing to yield to an emegency vehicle.

That little SB 5 thingie taking away their ability to freely negotiate work contracts probably didn't help either.

Today the FOP endorsed Democratic challenger Ed FitzGerald for governor.

They'd better work hard to get him elected, because Kasich can be vindictive. And even though he said he's not thinking about Right to Work for Less (basically SB 5 on steroids) right now, you can bet he'll be thinking about it the day after the election.

Downticket, the FOP endorsed three of the other four Democratic challengers to the Republican incumbents. They endorsed David Pepper for attorney general, John Patrick Carney for auditor, and Connie Pillich for treasurer. But they opted to endorse Republican incumbent secretary of voter suppress .... I mean STATE ... over challenger Nina Turner.

Talk about things that make you go "hmmmm."

To balance things out a bit more, on the judicial side, they also endorsed Republican Supreme Court justices Judith French and the minimally qualified Sharon Kennedy, who is a former police officer, over their challengers John McDonnell and Tom Letson.

Seriously? Jon Husted?

They must be seeing something I don't see in Husted, a snaky character who has pursued court cases trying to limit voter rights and lost every one, and who has issued directives that value "uniformity" above fairness and equal opportunities to vote. (Do you really thing the same amount of time suffices for Vinton County, with a population of 13,000 and Cuyahoga COunty, with a population of 1.3 million? Husted does!)

Or maybe they are seeing something in Nina they don't like. I wonder what it could be.

Recognizing One's Good Fortune — Or Not

Recognizing One’s Good Fortune — or not

I was struck by a comment in this article by our former governor Ted Strickland, who attempted to live on the minimum wage for a wage, a challenge that Youngstown Congressman Tim Ryan is also taking.

Strickland admitted that, as hard as he tried to cut back, he ran out of money by Thursday.

But he said,

"I have an apartment here in Washington and a good job. I know I’ll never be able to truly walk in the shoes of a minimum wage worker, but experiencing just some of the decisions this income requires on a daily basis is enough to understand that we need to do better for these hardworking families. It’s un-American that you can work and work and work and not get out of poverty."

Strickland, now president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund in Washington D.C., has made it clear throughout his political career that he has never forgotten growing up at the end of that dirt road in southeastern Ohio that he always talks about and that he appreciates what he has now.

The issue of speaking up for the poor is fraught. There's a toxic narrative that holds that if you are comfortable, advocating for the poor is somehow hypocritical. This phony-baloney charge — basically an attempt to shut down advocacy for the poor — was leveled at wealthy self-made attorney John Edwards when he made the "Two Americas" the theme of his presidential campaign, becoming the only one of the Democratic candidates in 2004 to give alleviating poverty a prominent place in his stump speeches.

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