Tea Party Activists Vow to Help Reelect President Obama


Seriously, Ohio Tea Party activists are either really, really stupid, or they're saboteurs, planted to undermine the Republican Party.

Less than 48 hours after union-crushing SB 5 went down to epic defeat by a more than 20 point margin, energizing labor and causing large numbers of voters to vow they'll never vote for a Republican again, the Tea Party has announced that in case they forget that vow, they'll be glad to remind them by placing an even MORE extreme anti-union measure on next year's ballot.

They plan to go for a constitutional amendment (to demonstrate how serious they are about making unions in Ohio nothing but a heap of ashes and a memory) making Ohio a right-to-work state. Right-to-work essentially puts unions out of business by saying no one who is hired at a union shop can be required to join them. Why then would any employer hire union members? And why would anyone join? Of course, this means union dues would shrivel up and unions would vanish. Then Ohio would end up desperate and impoverished, just like Mississippi. Right-to-work states tend to be the poorest and have the lowest wages in the country. This is what the Tea Party wants for you, Ohio.

And they want to do this immediately after anti-union forces have been thoroughly rebuked and there is a massive pro-labor force already engaged.

So yeah, go for it, Tea Party. Make sure the unions are out there again, reminding people who it is that wants to take away our jobs and our wages and our voice in the workplace.

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