Romney's Ohio Voting Lie Not Working Out Too Well for Him

I mentioned the other day that poor, hapless Mitt Romney picked up a lie circulating around right-wing crazy circles about how the Obama administration and the Ohio Democratic Party were trying to take away voting opportunities from military personnel.

Of course, it is 100% untrue. The lawsuit was filed to try to force the state of Ohio to extend early voting the three days before the election — which a loophole still extends to military personnel — to ALL Ohio voters. No, it won't cost a bunch of money. It's just voter suppression b.s.

Veterans group is calling Romney out:

And now, Romney has earned a rating of "false" from PolitiFact:

Frankly, I think they were being too kind. This was a bald-faced, cynical, deliberate lie that I am sure Romney knows is untrue. He's not dumb; he's just a shameless panderer. And I think I smell a little smoke coming out of Romney's pants pockets ....

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