President Cancels Cleveland Visit Tomorrow; Cites Hurricane

Alas, President Obama's appearance at tomorrow's 11th Congressional District Community Caucus Picnic won't be happening. The President has cancelled saying that he needs to get down to the Gulf to consult with people there about cleaning up the hurricane damage.

This is very disappointing, but understandable. We wouldn't want a repeat of this:


President Bush at the Phoenix airport on Monday August 29 presenting John McCain with a birthday cake while New Orleans was flooding and people were drowning.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, only a tad less dense and just as bewildered by real life as former President Bush, headed down to the Gulf himself, where he told woman whose home had been destroyed by the flood to "Go home and call 211."

Romney rushed down to the Gulf to do some showboating and make like he was concerned. It was all about getting there before the President and trying to usurp him, playing Pretend President. This is despite that he's in no position to do anything and that Republican policies call for slashing disaster relief and letting people cope with such major catastrophes by themselves.

Sadly, the woman he told to call 211 — a bandaid not designed to stem this type of hemorrhaging — proves to be another of those low-information voters, arriving at this inexplicable conclusion:

On the visit from the pair of Republicans[Governor Bobby Jindal accompanied Romney], Chiarello said, "He’s good. He’ll do the best for us. He has our best interests at heart. I thought he’d be more like a politician, but it was more understanding and caring.

Sheesh. The man hasn't one single policy that would help someone like her in a time like this. I can only imagine what her real reason for gushing over Romney is.

Anyway, despite President Obama's cancellation, c'mon down to the picnic in Luke Easter Park tomorrow, starting around 11. It's preceded by the always-spectacular parade which makes its way down Kinsman from E 149th to the park. There'll be food, vendors, music, games for kids, and candidates galore.

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