Mystery of "William Smith" in Oh-02 deepens

Cincinnati blogger Bill Sloat has more — or more about less — about "William Smith ," the mystery candidate no one can find who prevailed in the Democratic congressional primary in Oh-02, despite never campaigning or even putting up a campaign Facebook page or website. Absolutely nothing is know about his positions and he's talking to no one.

Disturbingly, there's yet another mysterious SuperPAC involved — this one even more obscured in the shadows than the one that made calls attacking congresswoman Jean Schmidt, the Republican was who was defeated in the same district by Brad Wenstrup. At lead that SuperPAC, while its ACTUAL intentions are hard to discern, has web presence and its big donors are known. As Sloat relates, nothing is known about this one. So there could be a range of motivations here.

As a commenter mentioned here, David Krikorian, who was defeated by "William Smith," has a load of baggage. So it's possible someone — who knows who — recruited someone with a bland, easily confusable name like "William Smith" to run, figuring the "not Krikorian" vote would be considerable. Sloat has information about how a false bio has been floating around, confusing this "William Smith" with one who ran a decade ago against now-retired congressman Ralph Regula from Northeast Ohio (the district now held by Jim Renacci).

This race is shaping up to be one of the most bizarre in the state — if not THE most bizarre. We'll post links as Bill Sloat provides updates. or go bookmark his site, the Daily Bellwether, and start reading it regularly. It's definitely worth it.

The Mystery is No Mystery

For answers to the "mystery" you might want to consult people in Pike County, where Mr. Smith lives. For a solution to the mystery man see

And the only "baggage" that David Krikorian had was the false accusations and misunderstandings of so-called "progressive" bloggers, who had no clue of what it would take to remove Jean Schmidt from office.

David is owed apologies.

Geoffrey Sea
Piketon, Ohio

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