Marcy Kaptur runs the table on district newspaper endorsements

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur of Toledo has landed the endorsement of every newspaper in the new 9th district that has endorsed a candidate in the Democratic primary, which pits her against fellow incumbent Dennis Kucinich and political newcomer Graham Veysey. That includes the Toledo Blade, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and the Lorain Morning Journal.

That Kaptur won the Blade's endorsement is not surprising.

The paper says that Kaptur "has been a hard-working and effective advocate of this city, this region, and area residents" and that she has "delivered for her constituents." It calls Kucinich "erratic" and says he has displayed "a shoot-from-the-hip iconoclasm that sometimes has put him at odds with his party's leadership and diminished his effectiveness."

While not endorsing him, the paper praised Veysey, saying,

The other Democrat in the race, businessman and first-time candidate Graham Veysey of Cleveland, does not make an adequate case for displacing the incumbents. But he has useful ideas about economic development in the district and, at age 29, a seemingly bright career in politics if he chooses to pursue it. We hope to hear from him again.

The Lorain Morning Journal barely acknowledged Kucinich in its Sunday endorsement column, other than to describe his "stormy tenure" as Cleveland's mayor and his two "quirky" presidential campaigns.

It too praised Veysey saying his "grasp of the issues, his clever, low-budget campaign and his willingness to face tall odds to serve are admirable. He has good potential as a future leader."

But it picked Kaptur saying, "Her experience, her low-key, hard-working personal style and her high-profile committee positions will make her best able to serve constituents’ interests effectively."

Finally, the Plain Dealer, Kucinich's hometown paper, has had it out for him for years. It has never missed a chance to endorse any remotely credible candidate running against him. It did so notoriously in the 2008 primary when it ran FOUR editorials, endorsing or promoting opponent Joe Cimperman. Needless to say, when offered the chance to endorse a respected incumbent, it grabbed it.

For once though, it accurately cited what Cleveland-area constituents cite as their main beef against Kucinich:

for years now, beginning with his two failed presidential bids and extending through his public flirtation with moving to Washington state if he didn't get an Ohio district to his liking, Kucinich's focus has wandered from Northeast Ohio.

Of course, the Plain Dealer being the Plain Dealer, it doesn't miss a chance to take a shot at working people, saying that both Kucinich and Kaptur "unfortunately, embrace protectionism on trade and wishful thinking on entitlement reform." But it says, rightly, that Kaptur's collaborative skills set her apart from Kucinich.

The PD also devotes a chunk of space to praising Veysey, saying he "offers a refreshing mix of exuberance and realism.

Veysey probably won't come close to winning this race, but he's going to come out of it with a fat file of glowing clips.

Vote for Kaptur

As a former strong supporter and campaign worker for Congressman Dennis Kucinich I must state why I am no longer supporting him and why I am supporting Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

I worked on the 1994 Kucinich State Senate campaign against Anthony Sinagra and the 1996 Kucinich Congressional campaign against Martin Hoke. During
those campaigns I came to know Dennis quite well. I had just completed a run for Cleveland City council in Slavic Village and wanted to continue in politics. In fact, I still hold the record for most yard signs placed during a State Senate campaign.

What concerned me then and concerns me now is why Kucinich failed as Mayor of Cleveland and still fails to succeed as a Congressman. The only common denominator is his lack of people skills. He does not now {nor did he then}
have the critical ability to communicate properly with constituents, fellow lawmakers and the media in general. Some politicians are able to "re-make" themselves. Sadly, Kucinich has chosen not to and look what this has
resulted in for the previous 10th Congressional District.

On the other hand, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur reminds me of the type of congressperson we desperately need during these troubling economic times. She truly cares about her constituents. From the moment you meet her you
can't help but be struck by her well-honed people skills. She has utilized these skills very effectively and look at the difference it has made in Toledo and the surrounding area. On Tuesday, March 6, please support Marcy Kaptur for Congress and help give the new 9th Congressional district a start on the right track.

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