Mandel Does Private, Partisan Business on Public's Time, Refuses to Comment

Sorry about this getting to be "All Mandel, All the Time," but this is a candidate (and that is clearly all he is — he's probably long since forgotten he was elected state treasurer) who gets up in the morning and steps in doo doo. It's like he can't help himself. There are 100 more effective ways for someone like him to run for higher office. He doesn't need to lie compulsively. Isn't there anyone in his campaign who sees how he's being legitimately called out by a conservative media which would like to like him but just can't? Is no one giving him sane advice?

So Mandel was in Washington D.C. yesterday, as we previously reported, campaigning for the Senate while on the taxpayer clock.

Dispatch reporter Jack Terry relates that "a reporter" (I assume himself — I hate that coy standard language) stopped Mandel as he was on his way into a D.C. restaurant for a fundraiser yesterday and asked him if he was doing anything else in D.C. besides campaigning (such as perhaps attending a meeting for state treasurers or meeting with investment professionals).

Rather than answer, Mandel walked to the rear entrance of the restaurant. As he did, the reporter asked, “Nothing else?” Mandel declined to answer as an aide told him, “Right this way."

He also reports that a Mandel spokesperson "declined to comment" about the Democratic Party's assertion that he's hiding from the press.

That's because he is. And there's nothing Mandel's campaign can say. He's sticking his middle finger in the face of Ohio's citizens and taxpayers — taking their money, abandoning his job, and using the time he is obligated to serve them to stoke his rampant, reckless personal political ambitions.

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