Kasich Touts Fictional State Surplus

Two stories in progressive think tank Innovation Ohio's daily headlines email caught my eye because they are deeply connected.

One, from the Columbus Dispatch, is titled "State Predicts Surplus to Keep Growing."


"State" turns out to be John Kasich, patting himself on the back for his brilliant (according to him) budgeting skills. He of course has been making noises about giving that (nonexistent) extra money back to taxpayers in the form of a state income tax cut that would be pocket change to most of us but leave the next governor with a disastrous shortfall.

Innovation Ohio responded with a press release of their own, pointing out some hard, cold facts about this so-called "surplus."


It pointed out the glut of special elections yesterday, most of them involving raising local taxes — because Kasich stole their money in order to fake-balance his state budget and look heroic.

Of the 60 issues being decided today, 55 involve local taxes. 34 of the 55 are for schools. The other 21 are for police and/or fire, emergency medical services, road repair and local government operations. An eye-popping 71% are new funding requests.

Well over a year ago, Innovation Ohio predicted,

“While vowing in his State of the State speech not to raise taxes, the Governor merely proposes to shift the burden from the state to local communities which, in turn, will be forced to raise taxes simply to maintain the levels of police, fire and other services they currently have.”

And that is exactly what is happening.

Today I stopped over to see a friend's 89-year-old mother whom I always enjoy visiting. One of the first things she said to me was, "I cannot stand that Kasich."

She's not alone. A liar, a hustler, a deceiver, and a bully, he's like a bull in a china shop. Unfortunately, that china shop is the state of Ohio, and it's looking more and more each day like the prediction that he would leave a pile of wreckage after four years in office is coming true.

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