Judge O'Neill Wins Again


If you want to judge this year's Supreme Court races on an objective basis...you gotta take some pride in the way the O'Neill For Supreme Court race is shaping up. Remember, this all started with the Secretary of State ruling there were not enough valid signatures on the petitions to even get on the ballot. Well, once Attorney Jennifer Brunner and her partner Pat Quinn got involved...suing the Secretary of State in the Supreme Court no less...well, it seems the petitions were valid after all. Victory for the home team.

Then the Ohio Democratic Party got involved, deciding to take sides in the primary process and endorsing a candidate. Well, the real Democrats, the voters took sides all right...and the result was an overwhelming record setting win carrying 87 out of 88 counties with a vote of 72%. Victory Number 2.

Then the Supreme Court decided, hey this guy is getting to be a serious annoyance. So they acted on a frivolous complaint filed in the primary challenging the brochure that starts out with the question: "Who Is Judge O'Neill?" And answers that he is "a former Court of Appeals Judge" Seems some people thought that was confusing. And so Disciplinary Counsel of Ohio issued a cease and desist order. Enter Attorney Michael Murray of Cleveland...probably the leading lawyer in Ohio when it comes to freedom of speech. And the result? FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OHIO, a thirteen Judge panel of Court of Appeals Judges ruled: UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Victory Number 3.

The result. Momentum building to November HINT: You might want to check out our website to figure out what is driving this movement. In the primary our video got 10,000 page hits in 30 days. It is amazing what a simple idea can produce.

Money and Judges Don't Mix. Never Have And Never Will.


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