Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel Shatters Another Record!


Make that six. It's almost not worth it to try to compete with him any more in championship lying events.

In a stunning display of world-class mendacity, the Empty Suit has just snagged his sixth "Pants on Fire" from the Cleveland Plain Dealer's PolitiFact.

It concludes, "We have a rating for statements that are both false and ridiculous. It's Pants on Fire."

"False and ridiculous." Anyone else think that pretty much sums up Mandel's entire existence?

What they're fact-checking today is "Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel says U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has sent billions of our tax dollars to foreign countries."

They found that Mandel pretty much included everything that had anything to do with a foreign country, such as the cost of maintaining our embassies and bills with bipartisan support that only tangentially had anything to do with other countries or whose allocations were not set by Congress, let alone by Sherrod Brown.

But this goes beyond the offensiveness of just lying. It encourages an ugly myth that too many Americans have swallowed: that this country spends some outrageous amount on "foreign aid" that we should be keeping in this country and that if we slashed it, it would go a long way to balancing our budget.

This article relates how a survey of Americans showed they thought 20% of our budget goes to foreign aid when in reality it's about 1%.

The U.S. spends a miniscule amount on what most people would consider "foreign aid" — direct assistance to countries for humanitarian, infrastructure, and military purposes. We're one of the least generous developed nations in per capita foreign aid.

Oh, and guess who gets the lion's share of what we do give?


C'mon Joshie, step up! Let's hear you talk about how much we need to cut from our assistance to Israel. I'd personally like to cut a few billion, since an overwhelming percent of that goes to military aid, which is like sending a tanker truck filled with gas to fight a fire.

According to this chart, one third of our foreign aid goes to Egypt and Israel:

Come on, Mandel, tell us how much we could save by not arming Israel to the teeth. I'm waiting ...

Oh right, you're busy. You're in training for the next big Olympic lying event. Maybe we should start a contest: guess how many "Pants on Fire" ratings Josh Mandel can accumulate before the election. This seems to be the only thing he excels at.

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