A Handy Dandy Guide to The Empty Suit's Recent Bad Press

Now, I don't like Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel. I think he's dishonest, unethical and unqualified to be serving as Ohio's treasurer, let alone aspiring to the U.S. Senate. But you figure Ohio's lean-conservative newspapers would be straining to buy into Mandel's presentation of himself as an eager, fresh, shiny new face who ... well, he won't actually tell us much about what he stands for but oh well. They tend to like shiny fresh Republican faces.

But except for the deafeningly silent Cincinnati Inquirer, Mandel has had a bad press month like I have never seen before for a candidate for statewide office. Some of it appears to be aimed at pleading with him to change his sleazy tactics. Dream on. He clearly thinks if you pour money into a campaign, nothing else you do matters. I'm sure he'll dismiss it as the "liberal press." (The Columbus Dispatch? Please!) But it's sad for Ohioans that one of the candidates presenting himself for this powerful office has snagged these headlines in the last month:

Columbus Dispatch, June 10
“Mandel’s Claims of Support Unproven”

Akron Beacon Journal, June 18
“Indecent Exposure”

Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 20
“Josh Mandel’s Campaign Is Stuck on the Low Road”

Plain Dealer PolitiFact, May 23
“Pants on Fire” (#4)

Columbus Dispatch , June 19
“Mandel Won’t Talk About Capital Trip”

Toledo Blade, June 22
“In Ohio's Senate race, Republican nominee Josh Mandel appears to be waging his campaign to respond to the question: How low can you go?”

How about some national press?

Factcheck.org, May 29
“Mandel’s Deceptive Defense Against Sen. Brown”

Huffington Post, June 12
“Josh Mandel Helped by Mystery Group in Ohio Senate Race Against Sherrod Brown”

Politico, June 18
“Josh Mandel’s Campaign Kept Afloat By Outside Cash”

And of course, my favorite golden oldie from the Washington Post three months ago:
“New Frontiers in Dishonesty”

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