The Empty Suit's Edifice of Lies

Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel gets up in the morning and, as sure as the sun rises in the east, he starts to lie. And lie. And lie and lie and lie some more. He's probably got less honesty and integrity than any candidate who has run for office in Ohio in recent memory — and that is really saying something, given the slate of inferior beings the GOP ran in 2010.

He's apparently trying hard to set some kind of world record for how many times he can snag a coveted "pants on fire" rating from the Plain Dealer's PolitiFact feature during his U.S. Senate campaign. The paper must be tearing its hair out at how they're going to appear "balanced" in this race considering that, as found, Mandel's campaign has been lying its ass off and Senator Sherrod Brown's has been telling the truth about Mandel — between touting Brown's considerable accomplishments and lengthening list of support groups.

A current Mandel ad makes the laughable claim that Brown voted to "give huge bonuses to executives." Of course he didn't. That's a GOP thing; it's what Mandel is probably currently conniving to do if he gets elected, since it's those wealthy executives bankrolling HIS campaign, not Brown's.

Alas for Mandel:

Brown did vote for the final version of the stimulus bill. But to label the stimulus bill as a vote to give "huge bonuses to executives" isn’t just inaccurate and misleading, it’s ridiculous.


Brown, in fact, had voted to ban all bonuses, but that ban was loosened in House-Senate negotiations before the final version was enacted.

You know what else is ridiculous? The very idea that Josh Mandel is qualified to hold any elected office. And if you'd like to prevent him from moving up to one he's even LESS qualified for, here's where to go:

Lies on Push Poll

No Vested Interest
I was the subject of a poll last Tuesday evening; the call originated in Ogden, Utah.

At first, the questions were run-of-the-mill political preference questions, ranging from Presidential to Congress person.

About half-way through, a number of statements were read, asking me to rank them on how "angry" they made me, on a scale of 1-10. The questions involved the EPA, Keystone pipeline, abortion, the bailout, and many more. (First of all, I'm not an "angry" person, but I didn't go there.) Anyway, the statements were worded in a way to be skewed toward the Republican viewpoint.

The poor questioner, whose English was so hard to understand that I had to ask some of the statements to be repeated more than once, was instructed to not deviate from the script. But I was permitted to skip or "refuse to answer" some of the statements that were just too obviously partisan to deal with rationally.

Not only was I asked my ethnicity and church attendance history, but was also asked if I was from "English, Irish, German," and another I can't remember, heritage. (My partial French heritage was not listed.

Bottom line, this was apparently a Mandel poll, from the tenor of the questions. Be on the lookout for the release of "poll results" citing "Anger" about many subjects, and know that it was obtained in a dishonest manner.

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