The Empty Suit Shopping for More Pants

If you see a conflagration coming from the direction of Beachwood, Ohio, follow the smoke to Josh "The Empty Suit" Mandel's house. Believe it or not, yet ANOTHER pair of his pants is on fire, according to last Friday's PolitiFact in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

It almost doesn't matter what it is anymore (This "Pants on Fire" rating was awarded for the boilerplate GOP talking-point lie about the Obamacare "tax increase" which has been debunked everywhere). Can anyone recall a candidate for one of the state's top offices who had such a distant relationship with the truth?

We're hearing that Joshie has agreed to debate Senator Sherrod Brown at the City Club, although he seems to be trying to push the date as late as possible, probably to minimize the damage this event is going to do to him. And you can bet the damage is going to be extensive. A boyish face and constant reminders that he was in the Marine Reserves aren't going to be enough. If he comes armed with nothing but lies, GOP talking points, and his refusal to take clear stances on many important issues, Senator Brown will crush him. But what else does he have? If he's got real ammunition we haven't seen it yet.

It's a sad day when a candidate for U.S. Senate is such a reliable liar that his lies have become unremarkable.

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