Dennis Kucinich tries to fund raise off the start of the Iraq war

I’ll start this by saying that I’ve supported Dennis in the past. I’ve voted for Dennis. I’ve given money to his campaigns. I did positive posts about him and was sorry to see him leave Congress. (see this link:

It’s not that I thought Dennis was the greatest person in the world. It was more that I thought he was an important voice to have in Congress. There are so many far-right voices, I thought it was important to have at least one far-left voice.

But as Dennis Kucinich transitioned out of public office he started to lose me. One of the main head scratchers was his Action PAC and how it operated. As we wrote about here, the timing of the PAC’s endorsements in 2012 was, let’s just say; odd.

Based on conversations I had with a lot of other people we weren’t the only ones confused.

Then there was Dennis’ decision to become a Fox News contributor. Based on YouTube clips I’ve seen of him, he’s awful. He is more than willing to play the weak stupid liberal who they beat up on, and even worse, he works in little bits of praise to the network. Seriously, just watch the video below.

Now I get an e-mail from him where he’s basically trying to fund raise off the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The e-mail starts off…

”This is an anniversary not to be celebrated, but observed:”

Really? I’m glad I got that; because I was about to head out to the bars and celebrate my butt off. I mean it’s March, one normally thinks of going out for St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and of course celebrating the invasion of Iraq.

The e-mail goes on to discuss Dennis’ novel idea of creating a Commission of Truth and Reconciliation. The idea for the commission is to bring forth those that got us into the Iraq war and hold them accountable. Throughout e-mail there are requests to donate to his PAC.

Having lived in Dennis’ former district for years I know that he has no intention of ever seeing such commission put together. The idea is nothing more than a fund raising ploy. When I first moved into the district he was talking about creating a Department of Peace. It all sounded good, but when you compared his proposal to what he actually did in Congress, you quickly realized it was all just rhetoric. There were some things I thought he was doing well, so I continued to support him, but I learned to separate his pandering from his work. When I read his PAC e-mail all I could think was that it contained another insincere proposal.

When I really thought about it though, I found what he was doing very disturbing. What he’s essentially doing is trying to take advantage of people over a very emotional topic. He’s trolling for money in a very unsettling way. He knows there will never be a government funded commission that brings forth “those responsible for misleading us into annihilating innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere”. I mean really think about that. John Boehner will clear the way for that one. But to use the anniversary of the invasion of the Iraq war – that is really disgusting. When you really dissect what Dennis is doing he’s one step shy of selling snake oil to cancer patients as a cure-all.

Please, don’t donate to Dennis’ PAC and let others know not to either. And Dennis, please just go back to sucking Bill O’Reilly’s dick.

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