The debut of Kucinich Action

"Nope — not going away."

I was predicting long before the March primary that if he lost to Marcy Kaptur — as he did — Dennis Kucinich would not be going away, but would use his high public profile and the avid following he's attracted to form a nonprofit or a PAC to advocate for the ideas he's become so strongly associated with.

Today he formally announced the formation of his PAC Kucinich Action which will back candidates who share his beliefs.

He says,

With this new organization, we endeavor to build a powerful grassroots movement to return the power to the people in our political system. Kucinich Action is a natural evolution of what our movement has been doing: standing up, speaking out, acting on our beliefs, and changing the outcome on behalf of the people. We will also empower individuals with the skills to participate and engage in the process of government decision making at all levels.

You can sign up here to get updates:

Kucinich is quoted in a Huffington Post article today saying that this group is "the antithesis of a SuperPAC."

Indeed, unlike the billionaires who lurk in the dark shadows of right-wing superPACS, Kucinich and his followers are about as open as possible about who they are and what they believe: to "strengthen our communities, create peace, regain our liberties, reform monetary policy, conserve the air, water and land, and reclaim our nation."

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