Cleveland city councilpersons support #OccupyCleveland

According to #OccupyCleveland, they were personally invited to Cleveland's weekly city council meeting last night by Ward 14 councilman Brian Cummins. He is the only non-Democrat among the 19 council members — he is a Green.

According to #OccupyCleveland, "Members of the group received a tour of the grounds and sat in on a City Council meeting that turned out to be mainly about them. The group received a rousing round of applause, as well as the endorsements of many key Council members.

It's on here:

You can see council members Jay Westbrook and Mamie Mitchell on the video expressing support for the movement.

"Cities are going into default, states are going into default, and yet when people go to Congress we're not too big to fail, only banks are too big to fail," says Westbrook.

You can also hear Cummins talking about how both major parties are too controlled by Wall Street in a climate where 24 million people can't find a fulltime job, over 50 million people don't have health care, and 47 million people need government assistance to feed themselves," And asking his colleagues to support the OccupyCleveland movement.

The #OccupyCleveland folks shared, "Councilman Cummins made sure to highlight the group’s excellent working relationship with the Cleveland Police Department and its relentless commitment to the consensus process. Councilman Jay Westbrook of Ward 16 expressed his delight to see such a diverse group engaging in their First Amendment rights. Councilwoman Mamie Mitchell of Ward 6 said that she is inspired by the way the movement is engaging in democracy. Councilman Zach Reed of Ward 2 stressed that Cleveland is an important place to see this movement prosper. He was especially impressed with #OccupyCleveland’s steadfast dedication to nonviolence and peaceable assembly."

"Mayor Frank Jackson was also in attendance, seen shaking hands and smiling for #OccupyCleveland’s live feed of the event. The group later received endorsements from Council President Martin Sweeney of Ward 18, Councilman Matt Zone of Ward 15 and Councilman Joe Cimperman of Ward 3. All in all, City Hall seemed pretty excited. One Councilman was even heard singing John Lennon’s “Power to the People” in the hallways after the meeting."

I hope whoever it was had a decent voice!

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