BIll Johnson's Desperate Deception

I haven't written much about the race in Oh-06, the district that sprawls along Ohio's Southeast border. It's currently represented by odious teabagger Bill Johnson, who won the seat away from Charlie Wilson in 2010. Charlie is now fighting to regain the seat. He's probably got a decent shot.

Warning for progressives: he's a Blue Dog. But he IS a Democrat. And Johnson is your typical heartless snake who doesn't think the citizens of his district — among the poorest in Ohio — deserve the type of consideration that wealthy special interests do.

You don't have to be psychic to guess that Johnson is running misleading, deceptive ads. Banking on anti-incument sentiment, he's depicting himself as a big, brave Washington "outsider," implying in his commercials that he is storming the gates, while Wilson, who served two terms in Congress, is the Washington insider.

The ad even features Wilson with that evil she-devil Nancy Pelosi whom Republicans like to demonize.

It would actually be far more accurate if Johnson depicted himself welded so tightly to Republican speaker John Boehner that the orange starts to seep into him. He's voted in lockstep with his party on all the extremist nonsense they've conjured up in the last session.

Wilson's voting record was on the conservative side for a Democrat, although he did come through on some key issues like health care reform and the auto industry bailout. These are things Republicans love to attack but they are also things that have brought endless benefits to people in this district, which has the largest number of people without health insurance in the state and high levels of poverty.

I have no idea why the voters of OH-06 would send an ideologically driven congressman like Johnson back to D.C. rather than someone like Wilson who actually did focus a lot of his attention on delivering jobs to his district. Hopefully they won't make that mistake again.

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