Angela Zimmann files to run for Bob "Who?" Latta's congressional seat

Hey Fayette, Ohio: what has Bob Latta done for you lately?

Hey Fayette, what has Bob Latta done for you lately?

Because of the games the Republicans were playing with the congressional map, including pitting Marcy Kaptur against Dennis Kucinich, northwestern Ohio's 5th congressional district is not quite so safely Republican. (This is, of course, assuming boundaries don't change thanks to the challenge of the HB 319 repeal).

Democrat Angela Zimmann has filed to run for the seat now held by Bob "Who?" Latta, one of a small army of faceless GOP rubber stamps representing Ohio. (Come on, tell the truth — do you know ANYTHING about Steve "Who?" Austria or Mike "Who?" Turner. Zimmann, a 38-year-old Lutheran minister and faculty member at Bowling Green State University, is unimpressed by Latta's record in Congress.

In announcing her candidacy, she said:

Congressman Latta has again and again fought for a special interest political agenda in Washington DC, at the expense of the families of Northwest Ohio [and every place else]. By electing to not support a tax credit that helps all Americans, Bob Latta has again showed that he is more interested in partisanship than he is representing his district. ... The people of the fifth congressional district want someone who will represent their needs, not the needs of just the wealthiest in this country.

But Angela — that's not the Republican way!

It so happens I was in northwest Ohio last week, driving back from Chicago. Route 20 took me through the picturesque but shabby little town of Fayette in Fulton, County — median income less than $30,000. I stopped to take some pictures of the town's Victorian houses, crumbling but still showing their beautiful bones etched by the falling rain. I turned down a side street to park, and I saw a long block of falling-apart houses, paint peeling, cheap kids' bikes piled on collapsing porches. And I found myself standing in the middle of the street in the rain yelling to the empty street "Why do you people vote for Bob Latta? He doesn't care about you!"

I keep hoping there will be a breakthrough on this somewhere, some time, somehow — that people will turn off the Fox "News" and look at the reality around them. I haven't met Angela yet — I hope to set up an opportunity to talk to her soon — so I don't really have a feel for whether she can help make this happen.

She's filing her petitions in Lucas County and holding a press conference about how the Republicans are holding the payroll tax holiday hostage to the tax cut for billionaires.
That will be at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday December 7, in the Jackson Street lobby of 1 Government Center in Toledo.

You can go to her website at to learn more about her.

Some unvarnished truth form Angela's website

"Don’t let politicians and pundits tell you that our country is 'broke.' We have plenty of money for big oil and banks, but not for our public schools, not for our poor, not for our sick, not for our foster kids."


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