AG DeWine Leaves Partisan Politics Outside the Door on Freedom to Marry Challenge

There's a group called the "Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage" that's got its undies in a bunch about the fact that attorney general Mike DeWine approved the summary ballot language for Freedom to Marry Ohio to go ahead and start collecting the signatures to place the repeal of the "Defense of Marriage" act and the approval of marriage equality on the Ohio ballot. They've got petitions out on the streets now, working to collect the just over 385,000 signatures they need to do so. They're aiming for the 2013 ballot.

Apparently, the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage doesn't want to take its chances at the ballot box, probably alarmed by polls showing that people are becoming less bigoted and homophobic every passing year. They're asking the Ohio Supreme Court to interfere and find the ballot language “not a summary and is not a fair and truthful statement.”

Judge for yourself here:

(You can also sign up to volunteer at this site).

DeWine is urging the court to dismiss the case.

In a response filed Friday, DeWine defended his action and argued that the court has no jurisdiction over what he called a pre-certification process — which the law says is exclusively the domain of the attorney general. DeWine said he certified a “fair and truthful statement of a proposed constitutional amendment.” He also noted that his opinion on the merits of the issue is irrelevant.

By the way, the top contributor to the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage is, unsurprisingly, Cincinnati's Citizens for Community Values, founded by thrice-married, self-admitted porn addict Phil Burress, who might benefit from worrying a little less about other people's marriages and more about his own. However, I expect, as the Freedom to Marry effort moves forward, we'll be hearing a lot more from Burress.

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