200 Gather in Columbus to Loby for Women's Freedom


(Photo from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. http://www.facebook.com/naral.ohio)

Today activists on behalf women assembled in Columbus to have conversations with legislators about the right of women to be free from the type of onerous government oversight in proposed bills moving through the general assembly. That includes the "Heartbeat" Bill, which would ban virtually all abortions.

Until recently, it was the most extreme anti-choice bill proposed by a state legislature. However, recently even more extreme bills are being introduced. For instance, legislators, stymied by the loss of "Personhood" Amendments in Colorado and Mississippi, which were rejected by voters in landslide proportions, are turning a deaf ear to their constituents and trying to pass these abominations themselves.

No case could be more egregious than that of Colorado, where voters have turned down "Personhood" amendments twice in overwhelming numbers. It wasn't remotely close. Now legislators are trying to do an end run around voters there with a "fetal homicide" bill.


These woman-hating religious fanatics will stop at nothing apparently — and screw the citizens they're supposed to represent who are clearly telling them they don't want these bills they are predicated solely on unverifiable religious beliefs and impose those beliefs on others who don't share them.

So we need to keep fighting and making our voices louder and louder. I hope you jotted down April 28 on your calendar when I posted previously about the "Fight Back in the War on Women" rally in Columbus:


Progress Ohio has some nice shots up of today's event:


Finally, here's a rant that someone posted online that I think expresses how many of us feel right now:

Can you imagine if conservoshits put this much effort into bills and laws that would benefit the fetus once it's born. Nine months is all you will get from these fuckers. After that, they do everything in their power to make life outside the womb as fucking miserable as they can. They want to destroy programs that help your mom and you if you're poor. They want to destroy your education. They don't mind raising taxes if those taxes are on you and other poor people. They want to violate the Constitutional right to privacy by making your mom and dad pee in a cup just to get assistance. They don't give a shit about you if you get sick and could care less if you have health insurance or not...but they do and that's all that matters. They gave huge tax breaks to corporations that took your father's and grandfather's good paying jobs away and gave them to China and India. They don't want your ass going to college, that would make you a snob. Your only concern when you get older is to work two or three shitty ass jobs and live in poverty or join the military and go die somewhere. Nine months is all you will EVER get from these cretins. After that...fuck you, who are you? You no longer matter! Get out of their way, they have a fetus to worship and then drop like dead weight when it's born.


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