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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Washington Post-ABC Poll: Bush Speech is a Flop

In a post-speech poll of 502 randomly selected adults (4.5 point margin of error), 61% oppose the troop escalation and 52% strongly oppose it. Only 36% support it, and of those only 25% strongly support it. The Washington Post calls it "an initial public rebuke" of Bush's new "strategy."

UPDATE: A new poll from AP-Ipsos is about the same even more damning:
The public is strongly opposed to a troop increase. Only 26 percent of Americans favor sending more troops to Iraq and 70 percent oppose. Equally high skepticism: 25 percent think sending more troops will help stabilize the situation in Iraq, 70 percent don't think so. Only 35 percent now think the U.S. made the right decision in going to war in Iraq; 62 percent say it was a mistake. This is a new low. In June 2006, 38 percent called it the right decision and 59 percent said it was a mistake. That's a reversal of opinion since December 2004, when 64 percent said the war was the right decision and only 34 percent called it a mistake.

. . .

Republicans are divided on sending more troops to Iraq. About half, 52 percent of Republicans, favor sending more troops, while 42 percent oppose the idea. Democrats, on the other hand, overwhelmingly oppose sending more troops to Iraq. 87 percent of Democrats oppose sending more troops. A majority of some key Republican constituencies oppose sending more troops, including white evangelical Christians, 60 percent, and self-described conservatives, 56 percent.


At January 16, 2007 11:28 PM , Carole said...

Over half the people I have spoken to since the Bush Plan (if you want to call it that) was announced, are Republican and half of those people were distressed about his new surge. So my limited poll matches the ABC poll lol. Can we hope that the Dems show some backbone on funding? I hope so


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