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Friday, January 26, 2007

Ohio News Roundup

What are the big stories in Ohio this morning?

Jesse Jackson Speaks - Clyde Hughes reports in the Toledo Blade about Rev. Jesse Jackson's speech to about 1,000 in Bowling Green last night. Jackson said it is premature to endorse any particular presidential contender. He is looking for one "who will support issues that will help the poor, rebuild America, and bring U.S. soldiers home from Iraq." He praised the Democrat's 110 Hours measures but said that they do not go far enough. In Columbus earlier in the day, Jackson criticized the firing of minority-owned fund managers who had previously done work for the troubled Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Foreclosure Epidemic - One out of every 60 homes in Toledo is in foreclosure, writes Jon Chavez in a Toledo Blade story today. An economic slowdown in the housing market is accelerating already toxic trends in the mortgage industry, contributing the the ongoing foreclosure/vacant structure crisis.
Cleveland is 14th in the nation in foreclosures, Dayton is 15th, Akron is 16th, Columbus is 19th, and Cincinnati is 49th.

Death Penalty Examination Needed - Regina Brett's column and the lead editorial of today's Cleveland Plain Dealer both welcome Gov. Ted Strickland's decision to postpone several scheduled executions so he can carefully consider clemency applications, and urge the new governor to initiate an overall study of the fundamentally flawed capital punishment system in this state.

Connie is Back! - Pulitzer prize winning columnist Connie Schultz publishes her first column since returning from a leave to help get spouse Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) elected, and it's terrific - funny, poignant, moving.


At January 26, 2007 10:50 AM , Anonymous said...

Connie won a Pulitzer Prize?

Who knew?


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