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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Betty Sutton Responds to SOTU

Rep. Betty Sutton (D-Copley Township) jumped right into the fray on Bush's State of the Union address tonight, and she didn't pull any punches. "Tonight the President had a chance to address the reality of increasing violence and a growing civil war in Iraq," Sutton said. "Instead we heard a plan that ignores the strong statement made by the American people in November, and that military experts and the majority of Congress believe takes us in the wrong direction."

Bush repeated his arguments for a troop surge in Iraq, but Sutton is unswayed. "His proposed plan will put more of our brave men and women into harms way, even after military experts have said that there is no longer a military solution in Iraq."

On the domestic front, Sutton said that Bush simply repackaged his same failed agenda. "His health care solution is to increase taxes on those lucky enough to have health insurance to cover those who don't," Sutton points out. "He continues to support education proposals without adequate funding, leaving millions of children behind. He says he favors energy independence, but continues to support subsidies to oil companies over investing in domestic renewable and alternative energy development."

"The President is trying to foster a belief that he is proposing change, but the empty rhetoric is rooted in failed policies that do not heed the call the American people have mandated," Sutton concluded. "As a new member of Congress I heard the call for real change and progress and I am committed to moving us in a new direction with sound policies and responsible governing."

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At January 24, 2007 12:01 AM , redhorse said...

dammit, I was waiting for this and didn't get it!


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